Conservatism, Libertarianism, and the Future of Limited Government.

While I am personally pro-life and do not agree with everything that is “libertarian”, I agree with the overall philosophy of this article:


Gov. Mark Sanford made probably the most correct assesment on the 2008 election. From CNN:

Beyond the presidential race, it goes without saying the Republican Party took a shellacking nationally. Some on the left will say our electoral losses are a repudiation of our principles of lower taxes, smaller government and individual liberty. But Tuesday was not in fact a rejection of those principles — it was a rejection of Republicans’ failure to live up to those principles.

That concise paragraph sums everything up perfectly. But perhaps the problem isn’t articulating conservative principles, it’s running candidates who actually believe in them.

When is the last time any Republicans picked up a copy of The Conscience of a Conservative?

When is the last time any Republicans spoke out against the fact that the Bush Administration has increased government at a gigantic rate, moreso that his predecessors?

When is the last time any Republicans remember that Barry and Peggy Goldwater supported the first branch of Planned Parenthood in Phoenix.

When is the last time any Republicans acknowledged what Ronald Reagan put so eloquently: “If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”

We, as Republicans, need to step away from the idea of “we will use big government when it suits us” and move toward being intellectually honest and move forward with the proposition that we oppose an increase in government at any level for any purpose and support less government across the board.

You can count on one hand the amount of Republicans in Washington DC who actually believe in limited government. If the Republican Party is going to survive, we need to change that.