The loudmouthed ignoramus

Leon will have to forgive me for stealing such a well-turned phrase as “the loudmouthed ignoramus”.  It’s music to my ears.  If only someone besides us would believe it.

Actually, I don’t believe it is an accurate description of the Donald.  I don’t believe one becomes a billionaire (even with daddy’s help) by being a buffoon.  Now ACTING like a buffoon, that’s different.

In reality, he is the quintessential NYC liberal.  After the very public failure of Mr. Obama’s deadly administration, he realized the Republicans (not necessarily conservatives) were a near sure thing in 2016.  So, what did that portend?

He became a spoiler.  Trading on the general dissatisfaction with what we used to call “Country Club” Republican leadership, he decided to help Hillary get elected.  By playing popular notes and being alarmingly un-PC, he easily grabbed the nomination from such stiffs as Cruz and Rubio.  (Frankly, I liked Dr. Carson).

Now, to ensure that he doesn’t actually win, he continues the rant and insult campaign.  With Hillary’s negatives, as I was told repeatedly on this site about Sarah Palin, she could not have gotten elected any other way.  Indeed, it’s as if we had nominated Ms. Palin, then Trump had come along as the Buffoonish Democrat, yet with a liberal bent this time and an itch to get a Republican elected.

He would be by turns, super PC, extreme gun control, dovish on foreign policy, wear a coat hanger around his neck and have a campaign flag which was one third rainbow, one third hammer and sickle and one third Greenpeace.  All true liberals would leave Hillary and join the lib green commie Donald. All this would, of course, ensure Ms. Palin’s election.

Republicans, the stupid party.  Played again.  Oh well, how does “Madame President” sound?