Reparations - good for wealthy Democrats

I found this on NRO:


Some of Mr. Williamson’s conclusions are nonsense, not to mention contradicted by his own words elsewhere in the piece: “The fact is that the situation of African Americans in the United States has improved precisely to the extent that whites have begun to forgo tribalism and to genuinely commit themselves to the principles of liberalism, the long march toward a more perfect Union.” That may have been true in South until, say, 50 years ago.  It certainly was not true in the rest of the country for the past 100 years at least.  And don’t forget, American Christians (Puritans) were the first recognizable group in history to oppose slavery as an institution.

And even with an energetic and vociferous abolitionist movement at work, a huge degree of inertia must be overcome to change traditions, laws, policies and attitudes in country as large and diverse as ours (it doesn’t happen overnight.)  Especially, those evils which we essentially inherited from the British and which had been accepted by mankind as “normal” since its beginning.  Indeed, Americans fought two wars to create the conditions in which both enduring freedom for black folks could become reality and institutional slavery could be established as a pernicious evil in the modern, enlightened psyche.

Yet, the opposite case is certainly true as well.  For example, descendants of Africans taken at the same time to other parts of the world are STILL found to be enslaved today.  Much can be said for living in a country which allows a member of the “downtrodden” minority to become president by popular election.  As mentioned, many black Americans’ peers of African descent remain mired in slavery, disease, poverty and early death on a large scale to this day.

But for the most part, Mr. Williamson pours out solid gold:

“A racial disadvantage is only one of many kinds of disadvantages that can be inherited — why should it be the one around which we organize ourselves?”

“Even if we accept the facts of aggregate advantage and disadvantage with their roots in historical injustice, the aggregate cannot be converted into the collective inasmuch as neither advantage nor disadvantage is universal on either side nor linked to a straightforward chain of causality.”

“The people to whom reparations were owed are long dead; our duty is to the living, and to generations yet to come, and their interests are best served by liberty and prosperity, not by moral theater.”

Individual racism will never die.  It is a human trait, not a racial one.  As a just society, we must continue our efforts to uplift black folks at every turn.  However, until I hear Jess and Al and Harry and Hillary and Nancy and President Obama calling for black people to step up to the plate; to remonstrate against the thug culture; to decry the idea that making good grades is acting white; to declaim the trap of pregnancy as a ticket to “independence”; to denigrate the gangland/rap mentality of “bitches and hos”; and to repudiate the idea that someone is “owed” anything more than equal opportunity – I’ll continue to know they are little more than what W.E.B. Du Bois describe a century ago as mere race hustlers.