Well, well, well, As Warrior predicted

It looks like I was sooooo right about Sarah Palin.  She is (to mix a metaphor) the sharpest cookie in the drawer.  We must nominate her in ’16 to oppose Hillary.  Believe it or not, Benghazi Hil’ will have a very good chance of winning, once the Dems crank up their “Republicans’ war on Womyn and the Poor”, Version 8.16.   And laud have mercy, with Cliven Bundy going on and on about how “happy” the slaves were, we will be beaten to death with the R word, too, even with Barry on his way out.  And, as Obama dismantles America one Amendment at a time, way too many people are still drinking the kool-aid, sucking on the state teat or remaining completely oblivious to the creeping socialism.

Heaven help us if we nominate another Dole/McCain/McConnell, white male, Frankenstein monster for president.  All of them are honorable men, no doubt.  But Presidents are no longer elected on their honor quotient.  There’s no telling what kind of skullduggery Obama’s hatchet man (or should I say, “axe man”),  David Axelrod, conjured up to unearth Barry’s only two opponents’ supposedly “sealed” divorce decrees.  The next thing you know, after lurid stories of European sex clubs were splashed all over the news cycle by his Lib media stooges, Choom Gang Leader is sittin’ his narrow ass in the WH.  For TWO friggin’ terms!!

No, no, my friends, it’s going to take a full on “new idea” in the Repub party about what our nominee “looks like.”  I mean, sure, I would love to nominate someone based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin or the nature of their plumbing.  But the media has redefined election-friendly criteria and we better get used to it.  The ingredients for a successful presidential campaign changed forever after Kennedy debated Nixon on TV in 1960.  The stooge media has only exacerbated the situation with endless propaganda about how “out of touch” conservatives are with this or that demographic they are trying to woo at the moment.  Who hasn’t cringed at a politically “mixed” party or dinner after being introduced as a Republican.  If one wishes to de-construct this point into hackneyed phraseology, fine: We need to fight fire with fire.  Fortunately for us, we’ve got a red hot flame on our side.  Let’s use her.

Remember, if we nominate another bland white man to face Hil’ in ’16 and the conservative majority again sits out the election in disgust, the conservative fire will go out.  Don’t let it happen.  And BTW, Katie Couric, call your office.  No one’s heard from you in a long, long time…