The real reason Trayvon Martin's death was tragic

Let’s start at the beginning.  You know, the on-going claim for reparations, which alone embraces all the race arguments in one.  Although constantly voted down as a terrible idea, reparations have actually been in place without a vote (just like abortion and soon gay marriage) for many years.  We have transferred at least 3 trillion to the “Poor” since LBJ’s “Great? Society” of ’60’s vintage.  Affirmative action and set asides have transferred trillions more as well.

Along with the obvious difficulties of instituting such a thing, several others argue against reparations for any rational person willing to listen:
1. No one alive today had anything to do with slavery.
2.  All labor during the antebellum period was paid by subsistence wages, i.e. food and shelter only — no large amount of money was “stolen” from those blacks used as laborers
3.  Even if a price could be placed on their labor, whatever the total, it was more than spent by the southern landowners who financed and fought the Civil War — IOW — it’s all gone
4. Who is owed and who would pay is an intractable puzzle

5.  Most whites in the pre-war south were dirt poor share-croppers who barely made a living (see #4)

6. Only 5% of antebellum whites owned big “Gone with the Wind” type plantations like Tara (see #5)

7. Slavery was being practiced on the continent of Africa a thousand years before any white laid eyes on the place.

8.  American whites never entered the interior of Africa to capture blacks (Contrary to “Roots” propaganda, they were far to suseptible to malaria, as well as other plagues for which mass production of antidotes had not yet been invented.)  They didn’t have to, Africans sold their own slaves to slavers of all colors (see #10)

9.  Slavery was the way of the world since its beginning — it still exists in many parts of the world today (see #7)
10. Are reparations to be collectd from western African Countries and American blacks descended from the black slavers and profiteers of the time? (see #4)
11. One million white men died to set American blacks free.   Other whites, like William Wilberforce, spent there entire lives ending the Atlantic slave trade.  The entire American abolitionist movement was begun and carried to fruition by a bunch of white, New England Christians (Puritans, you know, the butt of many a Hollywood joke, the ultimate “squares.”)  Do their descendents need to pay reparations? (see #4)

Of course, no price could ever be paid which would erase the degradation, denigration and humiliation visited on these suffering people.  Human dignity is priceless.  And that’s just the point — nothing can really be done to correct the horrible wrong that was American chattel slavery.  Reversing victims today only doubles the tragedy.

We can attempt to shape political conditions in such a way so that blacks can catch up.  I was an early proponent of civil rights and affirmative action plans (back when it was more dangerous than popular to do so.  Any fool can be “pro civil rights” now without exhibiting courage or experiencing fear.)  However, the movement soon turned into a race for quotas and a rank racial spoils system developed which is so odious I could no longer support them in good conscience.  Let’s face it, even Dr. King disliked Jesse Jackson.

So, lowering standards is NOT the way to help anyone.  It simply reduces our country to a collection of mediocrities who cater to the lowest common denominator.  In any event, racism is no longer a major problem for blacks.  Sure, there will always be the occasional racist, but now blacks are at the mercy of political manipulators who have rendered them violent, dependent and fatherless (70%+) — and all by design.  Believe me, the KKK could not have done more damage to the black race in America than have the (usually rich, white and liberal) apologists for why blacks cannot be full participants in the richest country on earth.  There is a party which keeps plying the black majority with tales of racism and trumped-up outrages like the Trayvon Martin shooting.  (Where are these people when 40 black teens a year are shot in places like Chicago’s inner city?)

Until they realized what horrible public relations it provided for them, the National Assoc. of Black Social Workers opposed inter-racial adoption on the grounds that black orphans were in danger of losing their “cultural heritage” should whites adopt them.  (They, with the help of lib judges, still throw up more subtle road blocks to such adoptions today.)  What the children were in danger of losing was their suseptibility to the “evil white racist America” meme constantly being floated by so-called black “leaders” and thus splitting the solid block vote expected from blacks (not to mention bearing tales of how at least two white people in America loved and cared for them.)  The rank use of black orphan children as political pawns is particularly despicable to me as I was an orphan in a Salvation Army home for un-wed mothers.  I was lucky enough to have been adopted by a decent, educated, Christian couple (I did not care what color.)  I know that the only “cultural heritage” small orphan babies need is warmth, love, food, clothing and shelter — regardless of the color of those who provide them.  And the rest, you can be sure, is rank B___ S___.

No, I would rather spend any “reparations” money hiring a tutor for every struggling black kid in America than spend a nickel of tax money on another gubmint program or teachers’ union benny.  But it would all go for nought anyway.  Modern American black youth culture is foreign and hostile to education.  (Caring about your schooling is known as “acting white” among the rap/gangsta’ crowd in today’s primary and secondary school environment.)  As long as there are political forces at work who must have a near 100% block vote from blacks in order to remain politically viable, blacks will continued to be used as necessary, if disposable, tools by them.  And, unfortunately, they will continue to suffer the sociopathological consequences therefrom paid out in short, brutish lives of crime, poverty and early death.