"The rich do or don't do so and so - so what?!

Thomas Sowell recently wrote a couple of articles entitled “A Cynical Process” parts One and Two.  He concludes the second thusly:

“At the local level as well, history shows that some of the most successful politicians have been people who ruined the local economy and chased job-creating businesses away. Mayor Coleman Young of Detroit in the 1970s and 1980s was not worried when affluent whites began moving out of the city in response to his policies, because they were people who were likely to vote against him if they stayed.  Of course they took their taxes, their investment money and the jobs they created with them. But that was Detroit’s problem, not Coleman Young’s problem. Barack Obama may win re-election by turning the United States into Detroit writ large.”

Sowell had just finished explaining how many American firms had recently created thousands of jobs – just not in the U.S.  You see, with all his class warfare rhetoric, Obama has created the most hostile business climate in this country in living memory.  Although no one has gone to “The Gulch” as yet, at least that I know of, businesses are retrenching.  (John Galt where are ‘ye?  I’m ready to go…)  They are cutting back, holding off and hunkering down until this wealth killing, Coleman Youngesque charlatan moves on.  Can they stand it for four more years?  Who knows.  Can the country?  I don’t know.  What the beneficiaries of gubmint welfare (the looters) don’t understand is that gubmint has no money of its own.  Only what it takes from others.   So far, “the rich” have responded by voting with their feet and moving from high tax blue states like New York and California to low tax red states by the thousands.  If Obama gets in again, they will move to low tax countries – many of which would just LOVE to have them.  And that’s the rub.  They are rich, they can do what they have to and need to do to survive.  The average American cannot – we are stuck here.

Now, none of this is to be misinterpreted as a disparagement of our country.  I served proudly in the U.S. military as did most male members of my family.  I love my country and always will – and that’s why I hate to see it destroyed from the inside out a la the prophetic words of Alexis de Tocqueville:  “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress [read Obama] discovers that it can bribe the [idle] public with the [working] public’s money.” and “A democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it.”  However, we are not going to have a country left if we keep allowing people – ANYONE – to get away with vilifying “the rich.”  Remember when the Dems class war rhetoric against “luxury” items like yachts blew up in their faces?  Yep.  It seems many blue collar workers, the so-called traditional constituency for Dems, made a living building, selling, repairing, crewing and otherwise dealing with, that’s right, yachts.  Of course, the Dems are more careful now and the Non Fox Media covers for them more effectively now as well.

Anytime I hear a pundit, politician or pontificator of some type bloviating on and on about “the rich” I know they have been had.  For the ten millionth time: WHAT THE RICH DO OR DON’T DO IS A DIVERSION.  It doesn’t matter to the average American in the short run.  Their wealth may go up or down, but it has little effect on the average bear until the “rich” are run off completely.  Then we will be talking about “the rich” all right, as in, “How can we get some rich people to move here?”  Yes Virginia, there is a name for countries without rich people.  They are called “POOR” countries.

That’s exactly what happened in the last giant misguided and murderous experiement in socialism – the Soviet Union.  Those geniuses persecuted, murdered, robbed (taxed?) and otherwise ran off all or most of “the rich people” and guess what?  The average bear (pun intended) stood in bread lines for 70 years.  And we haven’t even gotten into the fact that the top quintile of wealth changes often and that everyone, EVERYONE, in this great country has a chance to become “rich” without winning the lottery.

We also have not discussed what happens when millionaires and billionaires move out of the country.  Guess what?  Now people who make $250K a year are considered “rich.”  When they are gone, $100K is “rich.” Then $50K.  Then $25K.  Then  $10K.  Are we beginning to get the idea children?  And there will always be a small, privileged coterie of elitists like Hillary, Van Jones, Eric Holder, Rev. Jesse, Barry and so on (party members) who live well on whatever can be coerced from the remainder of “rich” people barely making ends meet (you and me.)

The fact is, while the class warfare hacks keep getting themselves elected with zero sum game economic myths and “the rich must pay their fair share” nonesense, the average U.S. citizen gets poorer and poorer because not only is the gubmint taking more and more, there are few left who are willing to risk and work to the degree necessary to create wealth.  There are no incentives left.  No one will work seven days a week, risk everything they have and worry all the time to support a gang of pot smoking baby-makers hangin’ on the corner or in the trailer park all day who collect a check from the gubmint for some long ago forgotten claim to entitlement.

Yes, let’s blame all our troubles on “the rich” and feel superior to them due to our unpretentious and pseudo-humble commoness.  Oh, and pass that crack pipe over here will ‘ya?  What’s that you say?  “SURPRISE – you’ve been had.  Alas, too late my friend, too late…”