What 2 do about racial agitprop & the forced choice of '12

What have I been doing about it you ask?  Well, I have been writing about such things for the last several years on this very RS forum.

I have taken every opportunity to make the point in casual conversations that identity politics eventually harms most those it is ostensibly designed to help.

I have written letters to the editor on the topic and made responses and replies on every other forum available.

I have been strident to the point of being called “racist” by people who had formerly pretended to be friends.

I have been active in local conservative politics – telephones, bumper stickers, etc.

And most of all, I spent most of last year arguing with “acat” and others here at RS about why we likely will not win in ’12 with another vanilla white boy like Mitt, Newt, Rick, Ron, etc.  (I hope and pray I am wrong about that one.)  My reasoning was that all Obama & Co. had to do was turn it into a racial election and we would be lost.  With the Trayvon/Zimmerman affair, they and their stooges have done just that. They have set the subtext, printed the programs and called the tune.  All we have to do now is show up.  Or not.

My hope was we could nominate someone like Sarah Palin who, for many reasons, would not be nearly as susceptible to such things because:

1. People are already tired of the race thing, but they are basically trapped into the constantly forced duality of making a “choice” and what that might “mean” about them.  Most people don’t need the hassle in their lives…

2.  People would love a chance to vote for a woman…especially conservatives.  Finally, finally, finally we could beat the Dems to the “historicity” prize of offering a woman at the top of the presidential ticket of a major party.

3.  People may believe a lot of things about Sarah Palin, but no one will believe she is some kind of racist – that I can guarantee…in other words, one may safely vote for SP without fear of meaningful (if not of gratuitous) accusations of “racism”…

4.  The countercharge of being a “misogynist” for voting against Palin would be just as irrational – and just as effective…

5.  Sarah Palin is one of “us” or as near as we are ever likely to get in the W.H. – a smart, straight-talking Alaskan with a proven record of taking on hacks, crooks and establishment types in her own party…and staying clean while doing it – every so-called “ethics” charge brought against her was tossed out…

6.  The Non-Fox-Media (NFM) is frightened to death of her.  They know good and well how smart she is; they know she knows where Russia is; AND they know she is NOT afraid of them.  Even now, HBO is propagating a hit piece on her disguised as a movie and SHE ISN’T EVEN RUNNING FOR OFFICE…

7.  Barry is the emptiest of empty suits.  He was the scion of globe-trotting intellectuals; raised by wealthy, educated white folks; given handshakes, pats on the head, smiles and special advantages and privileges everywhere he has gone his entire life.  Indeed, from private prep schools to Harvard law to phony quasi-gubmental “jobs,” he has been treated like a hero since his youth.  As editor of the Harvard Law Review he wrote not one article – unprecedented.  (His staff will not release his grades – from anywhere.)  But as he was annointed, he needed not do such unGodlike things as write articles for journals to which he had been crowned “ARTICULATE BLACK CHIEF.”  All his positions and “accomplishments” were achieved without exerting a drop of sweat or suffering in the slightest degree.

Now, try to imagine Barry the Empty standing up onstage opposite the spitfire Sarah Palin, about as real a person as one can imagine.  Someone who has worked tirelessly for family, state and country and at great personal cost, I might add.  Someone who has fought “the machine” of her own party and WON.
I’d give a month’s pay to see it.  And the NFM would move Heaven and Earth to prevent it.

Just imagine, the gaunt, arrogant Obama, haltingly spouting his vacuous, spurious platitudes and specious bromides in that imperious, holier-than-thou tone of voice while SP stands up and speaks truth to power with her wisdom-of-the-heart common sense and practical, no-nonsense manner.  Make that two month’s pay…

Any more questions?       PALIN/ROMNEY in ’12            !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!