And like night follows day...

The subtext for the 2012 election has already been set.  Presto! Chango! With a dazzeling flash and mighty “Hi-Oohh, Silver”, a vote for Barry will now be counted as a vote for Trayvon and a vote for Mitt will be seen as a vote for Zimmerman.  See how easy that was?  Now, Obama’s thoroughly politicized DOJ will wait until a pivotal point in the election process to find Zimmerman “Guilty as charged!”  And voila!  There you have it.  Yet another case of racially induced homocide.  (Never mind that Zimmerman tutored black kids.  Never mind that some 40 odd black teens are gunned down in Chicago every year by other blacks.  And certainly never mind that the VAST MAJORITY of inter-racial crime is black on white.  Heard of any black on white hate crimes lately?  Neither have I.)

Yes kids, in the blink of an eyelid, our entire tradition of deliberative politics; our cherished system of checks and balances; the most rational and beautifully constructed Constitution ever written — all of it has been thrown out the window and replaced with the Alleged Rev. Al Sharpton’s lowest common denominator thinking, i.e. “We good, they bad.”  As The Rev. Jesse “I have a scheme” Jackson has reminded us repeatedly – no justice, no peace.  Wecome to the brave new world of identity groupthink.  No real choices, just a herd mentality and thug enforcement.  October’s federal show trial for Zimmerman will be a spellbinder, no doubt.