Mitt and the Whitebreads

Remember back when?  Back when Warrior and others were straining to get a real conservative to run?  Oh, we were accused of the most awful things.  They said we were in love with Sarah Palin.  They said were were a one note samba, a one horse town, or we were “fixated” on Sarah Palin.  Don’t we wish we had that fresh, cool, conservative breeze now instead of the heated and gaseous winds coming from Newt and Mitt.  Market capitalism?  Why, that there is detestable.  Newt took mony from Freddie Mac.  Mitt closed Unimac (and others) and has now become the Bain of our existence.  Holder and Obama must be having late night laughing parties about the very public Republican train wreck now on display everywhere.

Remember back when some of us said the race card or some other device would be used to undermine our candidates.  Who knew it would be used against a black guy too (Cain in addition to Perry)?  How much sillier the current candidates look.  With liberals voting in the caucuses, they’ve again run the conservatives out (e.g. Bachman) and we are left with the worst market capitalism has to offer – millionaire RINOS with giant egos and voracious appetites for public swill or private greed (and I don’t use that term lightly).

Let us all say a collective prayer that whichever rich Republican phony wins the primary can beat Obama.  We will no longer have the country many of us have known, loved and fought for.  We will be left as a weak sister of Greece, Britain, France all the other failing socialiats European regimes.  Well, even though Warren Buffet can afford to pay higher taxes, I cannot.  Especially to bankroll an army of entitlement happy cast-abouts who believe they have a right to live out of my back pocket.  Ultimately, we cannot all work for or live off of the government.  Someone will have to know how to work and create wealth.  And the work ethic will be just as difficult to rekindle as the welfare mentality was easy to instill.