Bimbo Erruptions

Why don’t we all take a second and read this:


I know Glory Alred is a gadfly in the conservative ointment, but this looks serious.

And it won’t be the last.  Can Mitt stand up to the public baggage laundering? (Talk about mixed metaphors!)  What about Perry?  Oh yeah, the painted rock incident.  And this will go on and on.

So, I know you don’t want to hear this, but we need to BEG, get on our collective knees and BEG Sarah Palin to rejoin the campaign.  Read my lips: She has been thoroughly vetted.  No October surprises.  No painted rocks. No bimbo erruptions. Etc.  She took on the powers that were in Alaska and won.  Naturally, she created enemies, but she also withstood and WON against all comers.  All the dirt was turned and it is clean.

And let the Left drag Tina Fey out of the closet.  It will look mean spirited by this point.  As much as I wanted to cheer for a Black conservative, I think he may be toast.

BTW, she has had some leftwing freak living next door to her for two years with a camera and a telephoto lens for the express purpose of turning up dirt.  So far, all he has come up with is a book full of lies for which he is now being sued.  PALIN in ’12!