The 'N' Word & the October Surprise

Now I hope Streif, Acat and all the other doubters and detractors understand what I was talking about a few months ago.  Gov. Rick Perry has gone from front-runner to fall-behind because of a word painted on a rock, at a hunting camp leased by Perry’s father, which had been painted over many times before, and to which Perry has no real connection.  I said that as soon as the Dems arrange for the most vulnerable Republican candidate to get the nomination as they did with McCain, come October they will pull a big, fat racist surprise out of their hat.  Several commenters told me I was crazy, one even intimated that I was a racist.  And yet, here it is for all to see.  The most nebulous of connections to the “n” word is now enough to bring a candidate down.

And here we are again.  Everybody likes Perry, Perry believes like we do, Perry won’t back down, and, Voila!, the WaPo and son of illigitimate baby-daddy Jesse Junior pull a racist rock out of their collective hat.  If only the Wapo had investigated Jesse Senior’s love life or Jean Francios’ war record as closely.  Alas, this is how we run the risk of 4 more years of incompentent, socialist and puerile bullying from the Black-Lung-in-Chief. (Google images of cigarette smokers’ lungs…)

And this is why Palin is our only real hope.  What are the chances that Mitt Romney’s second cousin’s uncle’s friend once sat on a wooden bus bench under which was scribbled the n-word and later, Romney had a chance to remove the term by scratching it out with a knife (obviously, painting over it is not satisfactory for the angelic hosts at the Wapo,) even though he did not realize it was his duty to do so since the bench was not his?  A HA, you say, but that could happen to Palin.

My answer is, doubtful.  Number one because it is unlikely.  If the left had anything remotely on her, they wouldn’t be so frightened of her.  Number two, she’s had a greasy cretin renting the house next door to her and spying on her and her family for years (a fact which would have sent the big mouths at the Wapo yelping in high dudgeon at the “unfairness of it all” had party affiliations been switched) and he has only been able to scribble a rag full of gossip, lies and calumny of the worst sort and over which he is now, justly and rightly, being sued.

Third, after laughing in their faces, she can respond that she is being attacked by the sexist Obama because of her gender.  He may be used to lording it over every other female in his life, but this woman will not back down.  She is being attacked by a craven sexist, a la Bill “underpants” Clinton.

And finally, she will take the battle to them.  She is not afraid of them, does not respect them and is not intimdated by them.  And that’s all they’ve got.  If they can’t bloviate from the imperious heights and have everyone else shake in their boots, they have NOTHING and she knows it.  She’s got more courage than all the other candidates from both parties and the libmedia knows it.  She will make them look like the pathetic loonies they are just like Ronald Reagan did because she can relate to the average American man and woman.  Will the libs pull out Tina Fey again?  Even that schtick is getting a little old.

And please spare me the details about how she doesn’t have enough experience in this or that area.  We’ve seen from Oh Brother Obama that no one expects world’s of experience anymore.  But the fact is, she has lots of experience and it is just the kind we need — the kind required to stand up to the establishment and say: No more DOEnergy, No more DO Ed, No more CPB, No more NPR, No more foreign aid (except immediate disaster response), No More means tested welfare, No more set asides, No more year-long unemployment benies, No more min wage, No more public schools spoiled by self-interested teachers’ unions, No more self-aggrandizing (and extremely costly) public-employee unions of any kind, No more! No more! No more! etc.

That’s the kind of “experience” we need right now and it scares the heck out of a lot of people — in both parties.