Open letter to Air Joe

So ya think House Republicans are like terrorists for trying to stop America from going broke by constantly raising the debt limit rather than by fiscal restraint?  Weren’t you once accused of plaiserism?  Let’s see, in ’88 I think it was, you delivered parts of a speech by British Labor leader Neil Kinnock without attribution.  Also, a serious plagierism incident occurred while you were in law school, n’est pas?  You exaggerated your academic record publicly and after reporters started digging, it wasn’t the first time truth was a slippery quality for you.  It seems you had a history of taking quips from other politicians’ speeches without acknowleding their source.

Well, being a forgiving people, we won’t mention any of that today.  We will assume you really did make those terrorist remarks even though you are in full denial mode now.  Let me see if I can find a way to explain how a national debt spiralling into the teen trillions is more dangerous to our national security (much less the “full faith and credit of the U.S.”) than those who oppose it.

Let’s say Obam is like a spoiled 16 year old white girl (yes, hard to imagine, I know.)  She wants what she wants, when she wants it, and without hesitation.  If she doesn’t get it, well, those of you with teenagers know what she does: she screams, she stomps her feet, she cries, she blames others.  Now,  the other characters are dad, the guy who has to pay for the mess.  We will analogize him to Uncle Sam, the U.S. Taxpayer.  Next is Liberal Mother, that is Pelosi, Reid, Sharpton — you know, the usual suspects.  Finally, we have brother “on the dole” Dan – the almost 50% of Americans who now “draw a check” from Uncle Sam under various pretexts, otherwise known as grievance mongering and malingering.  (Yes, I know some folks are legitimately disabled, elderly poor or fatherless children.  They probably make up 15% of the “takers.”  And public policy creates many of those with all kinds of perverse incentives.)

Anyway, back to our story.  Let’s look in on this dysfunctional family.  The Princess (you can guess who she is) is carrying on about wanting a $200 dress for the prom, a car for her Birthday, a $100 purse, and a bump in her allowance to $500 per month.  (She cannot work, you know, that might be asking too much.)  Dad Sam replies, “Princess, we just cannot afford all these new goo gaws.  We are $14 Trillion dollars in debt now.  In fact, I was planing to cut your spending back some.”  The Princess faints at this point.  When she awakens, she dispatches her friends at the New Black Panther Party to man all the poll booths in Philadelphia.

Soft hearted (with OPM) Lib Mama chimes in at this point, “You’re just being hard hearted and selfish.  You know the guy at the (international) bank said we could raise our credit (card) limit.”  “Yes dear,” replies Dad (Uncle) Sam, “but if we do that, in a short time, ALL of the household income will be going to pay the interest on the debt.  We will have to borrow even more just to by groceries, pay the rent, etc. (that is, pay for Constitutional gubmint functions like defneding the nation and maintaininng federal courts, and so forth.)

Stirred from his lethargy induced stupor on the couch, brother “dole” Dan speaks up, saying we can always borrow more, we’re the Big man on the block.  Besides, he needs another COLA for his disability check (pot’s gotten expensive lately.)  Dad says, “Yeah, but we won’t be for long if we owe our soul to everybody in the world.  And quit smokin that dope in the house.”  Sister Princess is emboldened now, and begins to scream that if she doesn’t get the money, she will tell the media that Dad is abusing her (by “threatening” the full faith and credit of the U.S.)  The Princess is never questioned by the media.  any thing she says carries the weight of gold with the simpletons of the dino media. “I want more!” she screams, “I want more!”

Dad is about driven to distraction by the endless caterwauling, so, after endless nagging by lib Mama, dole Dan, the Princess and the Media, he finally gives in.  Tune in next time as we visit the dysfunctional family in five years or so.