Patti LaWho...?

Oh great.  Now the presumption of innocence is on celebrities and their thugs, even when the incident has been clearly recorded on a security video.  You can view it on YouTube by typing in: “Houston Airport: beating West Point cadet assault”.  What you may not see, depending on the version you view, is the cadet, Houston resident Richard King, walking out of the terminal PRIOR to the incident.  He was not weaving, he was not stumbling, indeed, he was barely distinguishable from the other deplaning passengers exiting the building to catch a ride home.  This is important because Houston Police later dismissed the incident, or rather, took Madame LaBelle’s side of it, because the cadet had allegedly “been drinking.”

My question is, so what?  It’s not illegal to drink in this country, especially on airplanes.  And, as you can plainly see, the cadet had not imbibed enough even to impair his gait.  Several witnesses stated that LaBelle ordered her thug crew to push King away because he was, get this, standing too close to her luggage.  The video shows the thugs plainly pushing King first and throwing the first punch.  Then, he obviously was attacked by not one, not two, but three of LaBelle’s cowardly pigs and as a result fell and hit his head against a concrete pillar.

Hang on, the worst is yet to come.  Later, the video shows two of Houston’s finest, or at least oldest, police officers showing up to…investigate?  No.  Take statements?  No.  Search for clues?  No.  Conduct  forensic tests?  No.  These two clowns end up having their photos taken with the fat has-been LaBelle while practically standing in a pool of Cadet King’s blood.  Too bad her thugs did not beat up one of their sons, we might have seen a different response.  Their actual explanation for such lackadaisical and thoroughly unprofessional conduct?  Well, said they, King smelled of alcohol.  Again, so what?

Here we have a young guy who has dedicated himself to serving his country.  A man who has suffered some of the worst hazing and most stringent discipline still in existence in this country.  A person who is likely to end up fighting in one of Obama’s three wars.  And even he cannot get a break.  That’s the chilling part.

Although I’m a veteran, I’m really nothing special in the grand scheme of things.  So, if I have the misfortune of standing too close to some fat idiot’s luggage after having had a few drinks, I run the risk of being  beaten by thugs and ignored by police.  This is not the America I grew up in.  And the worse is still yet to come.

Not only did the Keystone cops at HPD not render assistance, or even the presumption of innocence to this fine young man, they called his superiors (obviously in rank only)  at West Point.  The commanding weenies there, purely on the basis of a telephone conversation, initiated severe punishment on the kid.  According to published reports, the cowardly command staff at West Point stated King would have to serve in the enlisted ranks for a year before being considered again as a cadet and/or as an officer.  All this on the basis of the arrogant whims of a fat, smart-mouthed, over-indulged celebrity has-been. Boy.  That beats everything.

One is reminded of the Duke LaCrosse team’s experience with so-called justice in North Carolina.  Yet, one might say that at least they initiated their incident by hiring a couple of strippers for entertainment.  Yes, bad judgement, I agree.  Of course, college sports stars are not necessarily known for their maturity.  But this guy?  He was just standing their talking on his phone.  It easily could that have been you or I.  How many of us blab away endlessly while being nearly oblivious to our surroundings?  Yes, most of us.

Here’s what should happen.  First, the three thugs involved should be charged with aggaravated battery at least.  Since it was a black on white crime, it qualifies as a “hate” crime as well and should carry an extra long sentence.  (I know it doesn’t, but it should.)  If it is proven that the obese tub of lard LaBelle ordered it, she should be charged with a conspiracy to commit battary and do serious time as well.

Both, or all three, Houston Police “officers” should be stripped of all rank, privileges, pensions and retirement benefits and fired from the force forthwith.  Charges of neglect of duty should be investigated.  They should be made to do 1000 hours of community service in the ER of a major hospital mopping up blood.

The “commander” or “commanders” at West Point who ordered punishment on the basis of a phone call should also be stripped of all rank, privileges, pension and retirement benefits and sent packing with a dishonorable discharge.  To ruin a man’s career on the basis of the specious and horribly flimsy evidence offered in this case is dishonorable at best.  I frankly have had enough of the kiss and tell, panty-waist, PC military that jumps on it’s knees and whimpers at the hint of any politically incorrect whining by anybody.  All future commanding officers at West Point should be checked for a pair BEFORE being allowed to command there.

Finally, Cadet King should sue and sue and sue: the Houston Airport; the City of Houston; the Houston Police Department; Patti (the FAT sow) LaBelle; the three thugs in her employ; the U.S. Army; the U.S. Gubmint and anyone else in sight who might possibly be culpable.  Now, I’m not usually a litigious person.  But this nonesense begs for it.

We are eventually going to run out of fine young men who are willing to put their lives on the line to defend us.  And what exactly are they defending?  A country in which a minor, has-been celebrity can get away with assaulting an innocent man for no reason.  This is truly Obama’s America.