Not the American Dream

A lot of cheap politicians like
Clinton, Obama and Jackson run around blaming this, that and the other thing
for Americans no longer being able to realize the American dream. Such an
assertion may or may not be true, but what these types usually mean is that
somehow “evil forces” are at work. The usual implication is that big
corporations, racism or Republicans have treated certain segments of the
population, e.g. “the poor,” unfairly. The idea is, of course, that
the private economy is a zero sum game and thus anyone enjoying wealth must
have “gotton” it from someone else. If only people were so easily
convinced that as untrue as that assertion is for the private sector, it is an
exact description of every dime, nickel and cent spent by the federal gubmint.
Alas, that will have to wait for another article.

First, what is the American dream?  Well, it is certainly not what it has become
in the popular imagination, some kind of guarantee of the good life.  No one ever had that, except maybe a Kennedy.  It never meant putting in 19 hours at the
Wal-Mart and doing hair on the side was going to get you out of the projects, trailer
park or wherever you are now that you do not want to be.  It never meant that even if you had a full
time job and put in 40 hours a week you would end up with a home, car and
vacation.  It never meant that because you
work hard someone owes you more than your productive worth.  

It never meant the gubmint owed
it to you, either.  I don’t care if you
are a high school drop-out and managed to get yourself a job at a union shop
making 80 dollars an hour.  If that
little gig folds, it is not the gubmint’s place to ensure that you continue to
live on wages that are far above you productive worth.  And working for the gubmint itself at any
level is not (or should not be) some kind of life-long access to an overly generous
and eternally bounteous claim on the federal, state or local treasuries. 

First, no one is forced to work
for the gubmint.  Second, the job
security written into the civil service code (even without union meddling) is enough
to keep gubmint people on the job until retirement barring anything short of murder,
and I’m not too sure of that.  Third, no
adversarial management exists to demand low wages, indeed, the opposite is
true.  What passes for management are
politicians beholden to union money for their next re-election, so they have absolutely
no incentive to say “no” to almost any request from a public employee union
(and every incentive to say yes.)  And
that’s why public employee unions were banned until JFK came along.

What the American Dream has
always meant was that, after one has secured food, clothing, shelter and insurance,
paid their taxes and debts for themselves and their families, then were they free
to get a second or third job, enroll in night school, start a company, work
seven days a week and so on to pursue something more.  It is not magic.  It just requires hard work, sacrifice and
delay of gratification.  Does this mean
one is free to drop out of high school, run out and have two or three children out
of wedlock and then expect to enjoy an affluent lifestyle?  Probably not. 
That is some kind of dream-world alright, but it is not the American

In America, one is free to do for
one’s self, or at least one once was.  Obama
& Co. are about killing the American dream and installing the Marxist nightmare.  We cannot all be equally successful (for
reason having to do with character, not race, creed, color, or the other usual
suspects.)  But we can certainly all be
equally poor, which is exactly where the “O” man’s policies are leaving
us.  Only someone who is thoroughly corrupt,
maniaclly ideological or just plain stupid would think that using the gubmint to
spend us into penury by the trillions is the solution to the debt crisis and
slow national economy.  Boy, he must
think we are the stupid ones for buying into such nonsense.  I guess he can always count on his lap dog
media to put the quietus on any speculations to the contrary. 

In any event, we need someone who
is not afraid to point out this idiocy and call it what it is, not another blue
suit, red tie wearing go-along-to get along like Boehner.  I used to love Gingrich, but talk about
baggage!  Wasn’t that the big criticism
against Sarah Palin?  Seriously, we need
a fighter and a winner come the ’12 elections. 
A smooth-talking white guy with a genius for oh-so-clever double-speak

The American people have now seen
Obama play this role for the last four years and they get it.  Yes, black people are capable of being poll-obsessed,
air-headed, valueless, insider, both-sides-of-their-mouth speaking, TEL-E-PROMP-TER
reading mouthpieces for whatever-ya’ll want to hear disasters, too!  Kum-ba-yah and we have all seen the
light!  Hallelujah, we have been healed and
are cleansed of ALL middle-class white guilt from now until the Second Coming,
HooRay!  However, now we also have a real
crisis on our hands and we need a real leader and not only that, one who is
impervious to taunts of “privilege,” “dynasty” “boring white guy” and all the

We need someone who had the guts
to stand up to oil-rich fat-cats in her own party and WIN.  Yes, I know she’s not perfect, but she is the
only conservative candidate people can vote for without feeling the imaginary,
media created lash of “racism.”  And it
is because she is representative of another “minority” group which has been oppressed
for many years that she is impervious to charges of “ruling class” elitism and
such.  2012 can be the NEW decade of the
woman if we have the guts to make it so and Katie Couric be DAMNED.