Obama Redux: What record?

Let’s see…Bush ’43 was castigated by the dino media for a whopping 4% unemployment rate.  Lately, one rarely hears of the ‘O’ man’s killa’ 10% rate in the lame-media.  G.W.’s economy was growing at a “languid” avg. of 3.3 % (first three years,) yet MSNBC is “optimistic” about Obama’s 1.8 % in the first quarter.  G.W. was lambasted by members of his own party as a “big spender” for running up a $500 billion debt.  After Stim I, Stim II, QE I and QE II (do I have them straight?  Please correct…) we now host an outstanding public debt, as of 8 May 2011, 02:38:21 AM GMT, of $14,330,530,472,254.16 — a full 60% of GDP (8 trillion dollars.)  NPR’s reaction is anger at the Republican House because it is unlikely to vote for further deficit spending and impatience with voters because the idea of refusing to throw good money after bad has achieved “resonance” with voters.  [I’d say it has achieved a great deal more than that with me.]  To keep up current spending levels, even NPR suggests the only real solution is to go borrow more money from China.  (Does everyone realize if we lose our triple A bond rating it will cost much, much more to do this?)  

Politically, in ’08 Obama ran on “bringing the boys home,” closing Gitmo, getting to the bottom of the CIA’s use of EIT’s and universal healthcare.  The budget problem he “inherited” from G.W. was of course formed, amended and enacted with the help of a neophytic senator from Illinois named Barack Hussein Obama…same with foreign relations problems; the Soc. Sec. problem; the Medicare problem; the health care problem; the DADT problem; well, you get the idea.  And so boys and girls, between McCain’s refusal to mention Obama’s nefarious friends, pals and fellow travelers; Chris Matthews’ “first black prez” leg tingling enervations; and the implied threat that to oppose Sen. Obama was like, man, despicable racism — the big “O” got himself elected.  Yes he did. 

Now, in ’12, he is going to run again?  On what?  Jobs and growth will not be happenin’ anytime soon.  Cuts sufficient to dent the enormous debt will not be happnin’ in the near future either.  We are engaged in three wars rather than two.  And now, worse for Obama, the GWOT has culminated in great success with the termination of one Osama bin Laden.  (G.W. did all the heavy lifting on this one.  Anybody heard the ‘O’ praise him for it?  Me neither.)  And A.G. Holder is still prosecuting the CIA men responsible for dropping the SEALTEAM SIX BOMB (Hoorah!) on Osama thanks to info gathered from KSM (and just two others) by, guess what?  If you said, “by using Enhanced Interrogation Techniques,” go to the head of the class.  Furthermore, Obama’s ultra-left base must be incensed that Gitmo remains open and busier than ever.  (Prosecutors for the KSM trial are buying their whites even as we speak.)  And Obamacare?  Investigations have already begun into the exact criteria for receiving a waiver allowing one to dodge this monstrosity.  Over a thousand waivers have already been issued to various politically favored entities, e.g. unions, big DNC contributors, the state of Maine, etc.  [BTW, if universal healthcare is so great, why do all of Obama’s pals and cronies want out of it?]

The solution for Christian conservatives, female conservatives, secular-conservatives, neo-conservatives, gay-conservatives and plain old conservatives, if not necessarily Republicans, is not going to be Mitt Romney, Donald Trump or any other white guy.  Obama got elected because he is black.  He had no administrative experience, none in the private sector, indeed, no real record of any traditional kind — nothing.  As Boy Clinton famously said, he would have been getting Clinton and Kennedy coffee had he not been black, much less running for and getting elected president.  If the ‘R’ ticket contains another white man, Al not-so-Sharp-ton and Co. will just crank up ‘Ye Ole Racism machine’ again and it will work again!  Remember, a great number of folks in flyover country still cling to white guilt as if it were a salvic talisman or gold-plated “Get Out of Jail” card.  (Please do not suggest a conservative black guy, the country is not really ready for that yet.  Think Michael Steele.)  There is only one real answer: Sarah Palin.  The Historicity.  The Conservative.  The Victory.