Open Letter to Charlie Sheen

Oh, so you think my wife and kids are ugly, huh?  I got news for you dummy.  Beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the bone and brother, your as ugly as they come.  Ugly is as ugly does and your big mouth is beyond ugly.  You need to wake up from your (alleged) cocaine infested delusions and smell the coffee.  Nobody cares about you, your (alleged) drugs, your whores, your useless sycophants or your sick life style.  I would not trade my life for ten of yours.  You’re pathetic.  The rest of us are happily going about our business, enjoying our lives, raising our families and not giving you a second thought — not until you show up on radio and TV to insult us. 

But Charlie Sheen, you are the denoument of the left wing dream.  Your rant is indicative of the self-righteous arrogance which characterizes nearly everybody on the left.  You think you are better than everyone else because you believe you are prettier?  Ha!  What an imbecile.  I agree that you are a pretty boy, but your intellect is a vast wasteland.  With all that money, all you can think of to do is hire hookers and get drunk.  What a lame-brain!

This is exactly where value free, non-judgmental, politically correct socialism leads — to a life bereft of meaning and purpose.  Charlie, the only thing you have left is a coterie of drooling lackeys telling you whatever you want to hear in an effort to stay in the supposed “circle of cool.”  Surprise, even mindless debauchery has its limits.  The tide is swiftly turning so that soon your “big star” cachet will dim to the point that even your crowd of (alleged) dope using pals will desert you.  Where will you be then, genius?  If anyone ever wonders what a country dominated by godless, leftist mooonbats will look like, all they need do is cast a weary glance your way.  The river of putrid sewage which has become your life would very soon become characteristic of our national ethos.

As one grows older and, with hope, wiser, one begins to see that a life free of personal responsibility is not worth living.  A completely selfish existence is in truth a hellish nightmare – kind of like yours.  Look at all the supposed “little people” you have put out of work.  And some of them may even be decent folks trying to raise families.  You are the harbinger of morbid excess, not George W. Bush.  You are the anti-paraclete of the Evil Spirit and the demon of the sinful Nature of Man.  You are what happens when a man makes choices free of moral obligation or personal conviction. 

The sad thing is, there are thousands, nay, millions of poor slobs just like you out there who have drunk the kool-aid of personal aggrandizement and abhored the milk of personal responsibility.  Unfortunately, but thanks to your example and the example of others like you, they are leading lives which are equally empty, disgusting and sick.  Some sit in boardrooms and some stand in welfare lines, but they have all been duped by Hollywood’s endless show of holier-than-thou haughtiness and infantile mockery of decent Americans in “fly over” country.  The tragedy is, most do not have the money to buy their way out of the crappy mess they make while pursuing the “glam lifestyle” so often portrayed by Hollyweird.  Most of them end up as wards of the state who now must live off public assistance.  Here’s another news flash Charlie — I cannot afford much more of that crap either!!!

So, congrats to you, Carlos Irwin Estevez.  You are living the fantasy of every thirteen-year-old boy in the world.  Too bad you are a 44 year-old “man” with SIX children.  What a ridiculous loser.  Get help Charlie, you are one sick star.