Juan, we hardly knew ye...

As everyone knows by now, Juan Williams was sacked by the taxpayer funded NPR yesterday for suggesting burka and keffiyeh clad muslims boarding airplanes give him the willies.  Well, guess what?  They do me too.  Any sentient being who has read a newspaper in the past twenty years should be similarly affected.  Kinda’ like the Reverend Jessie “Love Child” Jackson’s admission that he is relieved to look behind him on a dark street and the teens behind him turn out to be white.  None of this is really debatable or surprising to the average jack or jill.

Ah, but we’re not in Kansas anymore.  We’re in the funhouse mirror distortion of left-wing spin on the eve of a 21st century election cycle and no you may not assume that “up” is above you and “down” is below.  Now, the very evil part of me really wants to gloat at Mister Lib Williams decrying at full bleat that “I am not a racist” and doing that while sharing a couch with a bunch of conservatives on a FOX News show.  Personally, I feel sorry for the guy.  You try to be open-minded around here and the Nina “Maybe Jesse Helms wil get AIDS through a transfusion” Totenbergs of the world will serve you up to the wolves every time.

And poor Juan looked SOOO surprised!  It always amazes me when libs get shafted by their very own fascist PC enforcers and then end up being shocked, shocked.  Look, here’s a message from an old hand at being called a “racist” —  if you express an honest feeling or an original thought which doesn’t pass muster with the PC gestapo, get ready…it’s coming.  It’s inevitable.  It’s their ONLY weapon.  That’s why we could be discussing how to divide the cheese on the moon and conservatives or anyone else who steps out of the Brian Williams, John Colbert, George Soros Axis of “thought” will be labeled a “racist” and called out for misbehavior.

Don’t like gubmint healthcare?  You’re a racist.  Tired of seeing poor black children locked into failing gubmint schools by the teachers’ unions?  You’re a racist.  Object to left-wing academicians filling vulnerable 18 year-old heads with stale socialist swill?  You guessed it — racist.

I’ll never forget my first personal accusation of racism.  A guy I had known, and more illustrative, who had known me, for twenty years, suddenly decides I’m a racist because I suggested that moving the poverty, crime and chaos of the inner city into the suburbs, at taxpayer expense no less, was a terrible idea.  My thought was, “What is anyone to learn or gain from this besides a healthy snicker at the fools who have worked all their lives from the former ghetto dwellers and a serious hate for the gubmint from the suburbanites?”  But I digress.

Unfortunately, my first response to this erstwhile friend was “And you’re a f**king idiot.”  ( I later apologized for the profanity.)  If I hadn’t been so surprised at my formerly even-tempered “friend” calling me names, I would have retorted, “And you’re a fascist,” which is far more descriptive, if not nearly as satisfying.  Alas, it was ever thus.  Get used to it.  Until people tire of such obviously juvenile railing and ubiquitous puerile baiting, we’ll never hear the end of it.

One thing’s for sure.  It’s time to pull the tax-money plug from NPR, CPB and all other gubmint broadcast outfits which have become little more than elitist bully pulpits from which the liberal gliterati scolds us commoners at our own expense.  If they can bear Nina Totenberg practically begging for the death of Jesse Helms on air, they can handle Juan Williams suggesting that yet another muslim suicide bomber may be boarding yet another jet airliner to blow up yet another symbolic outpost of the Great Satan.

But maybe I’m expecting too much of the American people.  Maybe we are, in Eric Holder’s famous words, a bunch of cowards.  Want lower taxes?  You’re a racist!

—  “O.K. boss.  You are right.  I am so sorry for suggesting that half my income and half my inheritance is too much for the gubmint to take, especially when they waste, steal or lose 40% of it easy.  Please don’t call me any more names.  I’ll be good.  I won’t rock the boat anymore.  Please, just let me keep what I got now and I promise to be a good little citizen.  Allow me to run my business and I’m O.K. with whatever you let me keep.  I dare not raise a ruckus because, unlike my forefathers who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for freedom, I’m willing to swear away all or most of my earnings for a little temporary safety and security.  Please oh please, just don’t call me any more names…”