Thinking the unthinkable

Suppose the DEMS win in Nov.  They continue to borrow money and kow-tow to our enemies.  They raise taxes, entitlements, minimum wages, extend unemployment benefits, strengthen the unions and pass more crushing red tape and regulations on start-ups.  They expand the welfare state so fully 80% of all Americans are now eligible for immediate Medicaid and or Medicaid benefits.  Socialized medicine comes in (suppose another Dem [Hillary, worst case] is elected after Obama) and now SILWS (standing in line while sick) becomes the new national pastime.

Private fortunes, millionaires and billionaires move away to more favorable climes for the most part.  So much for hating “the rich.”  Class warfare become just another sick joke.  Only two classes are left, the Haves and the Have-Nots.

Because of funding cut backs, we pull out of the Far East, except for a token force.  The Chinese are emboldened to attack Taiwan and do so.  We’ve long since handed over the 38th parallel to the South Koreans so the North is likewise confident of victory and attacks the South.  The Russians attack and subvert Georgia once again, as well as several other oil-rich former satellites with names ending in “stan.”  Since we no longer seriously back Israel, Iran gets and uses the Bomb on our former ally.  Turkey and Paksistan get scared and suddenly become super muslim countries and no longer trustworthy alllies of the U.S.  The Chinese close the Panama Canal.

Now, strategically isolated in the world, we also owe trillions of dollars to China.  Our entire GDP goes toward financing the debt.  And no one wants our debt anymore since our bond rating has tanked.  The deficit is also huge and although the Fed has kept interest rates artificially low, most commerce is now done on the blackmarket, so it doesn’t matter.  Laws are so numerous that it is truly impossible even for the most honest and earnest among us to go through the day without breaking some law or statute instituted for our own good by our betters in Washington, which now has a fence (built quickly, BTW, and with little fuss) around it to protect our noble solons from the masses.

{Yes, there were a few brief years of “fun,” i.e. three month vacations, three and four day work weeks, five years worth of unemployment benefits, etc.  But the Golden Goose was dying and everyone knew it.  The first to sense what was going on began cashing-in, getting out, embezzling, stealing or plain old getting while the getting was good.  Alas, however, we were just too far in debt to live the “Greek model” for long.  We very soon ran out of money.}

The tried and true nostrum that even a collection of the world’s smartest and most educated people cannot know enough in a timely enough fashion to make a market run efficiently is again played out as our economy tanks.  We become another second-world mediocrity like Mexico.  Indeed, the drug world and gangland cartels are now real powers in most urban centers.  Buses and cabs are armour-plated and small businesses, such as they are, pay protection to the black market bosses.  BTW, some of these bosses are black, some hispanic and some white.  “Racism” as an accusation or phenomenon has become yet another sick joke.  The wags of the day jest that we have real diversity now – diversity in death.

Everyone who can get one carries a gun now.  Everyone who doesn’t lives in fear and subjugation.  The Federal gubmint tried to round up guns a while ago, but there were so many, it was impossible.  The result is, they go in with overwhelming force now, assume you have a gun and kill you if you show the slightest resistance.  But, unfortunately, the gubmint is not the largest predator now.  It’s people looking for food, clothing and shelter.  Small patches are farmed under armed guard.  The barter and the blackmarket are the major forms of trade.  Corruption abounds.

Some of the old folks who have been cared-for off the gubmint healthcare grid (and illegally BTW) sit around and cackle heartily about how they told us so.  (We have to keep them out of sight now, since the max age on gubmint healthcare is about 50.  Anyone much older sticks out like a sore thumb.)  A form of civilization continues, as it does in some third world countries now, behind high walls, dogs, alarm systems and armed guards.  However, no one lives without fear, because even the guards might get ideas about why they have to stand guard while everyone else party’s hearty.  It’s kind of like Castro admitted the other day to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, “the Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore.”  Surprise!  Remeber all those conservatives, from William F. Buckley to Thomas Sowell to Warrior, who used to patiently explain over and over again why socialism doesn’t work in the real world?  Well, they were right!  Err, correct! 

It wasn’t just a “Republican talking point,” as such luminous figures of the Left as Maureen Dowd and Brian Williams were wont to complain (Mo Do and Brie Wii, HA!).  Oh well, it’s a lot tougher to build the greatest Democratic Republic on earth than it was for Babs Streisand, Babs “Yes Ma’am” Boxer and Barney’s Frank to tear it down with their lies, hysteria and corruption.  Remember when Barney’s Frank said Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac needed no overhaul or regulation, that they were doing just fine?  Oh yeah, that was right before they spread insolvent securities around the world like dust in a tornado and began our nation’s percipitous rush to the bottom.  (And Frank’s confabulation was right after one George W. Bush insisted that they DID need serious overhaul.)  Of course, later, after his pals were in power, he switched 180 degrees (no pun) and actually seemed to agree with the hated GWB: Voila! Mirabile Dictu!  these quasi-governmental monstrosities DID need oversight after all.  But, that was right before he called for their discontinuation altogether.  Well, that’s what happens when an entity or a person is no longer needed by the Leftist cabal in power.  That’s right, it or you get thrown under the bus.

Of course, OUR GUBMINT stills tries to take care of everyone.  Some have so called Gubmint Jobs, i.e. they pretend to work and the gubmint pretends to pay them.  Alas, SILWS has become just the first in a series of new pastimes, e.g. SILFF (Standing in Line for Food,) SILFC (Standing in Line for Coal, and not the clean-burning kind either) and the most popular, SILTROYN (Standing in line to Rat on Your Neighbor.)  You see, even a “benevolent” gubmint has enemies and our new Liberal one has turned the most mild-mannered “Undecideds” into rebels, saboteurs, guerrillas and , you guessed it, revolutionaries.  LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION.  So, anyway, gubmint apparatchiks pay well for information on these upstarts who don’t believe the gubmint is so great.  You might get an extra piece of coal or a live chicken if you really get the sho’ ’nuff dope on someone.

All this can be avoided, however, by voting Tea Party, Conservative and Republican, in that order, come November.  No excuses.  If your guy doesn’t win in the primaries, too bad.  YOU must vote anyway.  See you at the polls.