Why reparations a nonsense - a reminder

Aside from the fact that no one alive today had anything to do with slavery, let us consider what specious nonsense apologies and/or reparations truly are.

1. All labor, black, white, Irish or Chinese, was paid a subsistence wage only — no one made any actual money for labor at that time. Room and board — that was it. And BTW, most sharecroppers were white and most cotton was picked by whites. Sorry, lefties and white guilt aficionados, to sink your self-righteous ship on that account.

2. Almost a million (mostly white) men were casualties in the war which ended slavery. 620,000 (mostly white) men died in that war. Not enough reparations for you? Most folks in the South were driven into poverty after the war, were terrorized by gangs of union soldiers demanding loyalty oaths on penalty of death and were ravaged mercilessly by hordes of carpetbaggers whether they owned slaves or not — most did not.

3. Any wealth created by Southern slavery went to well-off planters, and most of that wealth in turn went to finance the Civil War — so much for “building this country” and other rhetorical blather put forward by the state-run media and its’ cabal of well-to-do white liberals.  BTW, I’m fairly certain the NY Times (and other left wing propaganda outlets) profited from slavery, so we’ll be watching for your first big check to the NAACP.  Oh that’s right, you’re paying them off with biased news reporting.  I forgot, it’s cheaper.

4. Black Africans were sold into slavery by other black Africans. Indeed, it was so profitable to them, African Kings traveled to London and Paris to lobby AGAINST proposals to ban the slave trade. Such measures were eventually passed (in England, which started the ball rolling) thanks largely to the herculean efforts of one white man, William Wilberforce.

5. The original movement, in fact the first organized group ever to demand an end to slavery were a bunch of (white) New England Puritans — you know, the same people the Times, the Daily Kos, the HufPo and their fellow travelers are fond of ridiculing today: Christians and such. Yes, I know, other individuals had spoken out against slavery, and certainly any historical group of slaves favored their own freedom, but it took a church full of white Christians to create a serious, organized, large-scale movement to oppose, fight and abolish slavery as an institution.

6. Grateful for slavery? Yes, and contemporary black folks can be grateful also that an earlier generation bought their freedom — FROM AFRICA!  Instead of starving to death in Ethiopia, being hacked to pieces by machetes in Rwanda, or dying miserably in Tongogara (a refugee camp in Zimbabwe,) many American blacks are getting degrees, building families and careers, and living happy middle class lives. Like it or not, the ONLY reason American blacks have it so good is that their ancestors were brought out of Africa to this country. (For a really good look at modern day Africa through the eyes of a black journalist, read Keith Richburg’s “Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa”.)

7. Focusing on the past only misdirects the attention of blacks from their current laundry list of social pathologies — problems which only they can solve. Of course, this misdirection works fine for the professional race hustlers, the state-run media, and the Democratic party. The first group makes lots of cold, hard cash stirring up racial issues (see Kenneth Timmerman’s “Shakedown” for a detailed summary), the second group sells more airtime (TV) and advertising space (newspapers) by keeping the pot boiling, and the Dems get votes by presenting themselves as political saviors to benighted minorities, “Better Living Through Large & Intrusive Gubmint,” you might say, and thereby keeping many blacks at once dependent on government and slaves to the lie that they cannot make it on their own.

8. Every race on earth has been enslaved at one time or another. The very term itself comes from a group of white, central Europeans known as the Slavs.  Just as automobiles are take for granted today, thus was slavery for most of the world’s history.  Indeed, slavery is alive and well today in places like, SURPRISE, Africa. Why is all this energy going toward meaningless rhetorical machinations in the U.S. and not toward attempts to free current African slaves?  Could it possibly be because the latter doesn’t pay as well?  (So much for lefty “compassion,” much less credibility.)

9. Slavery existed in Africa for a thousand years before whites ever saw the place. Apologies from most long-term African slave states have not been forthcoming, and those that have most assuredly did not contain any cash.  (Seen Jesse doing anything in Africa lately besides influence peddling?)

10. Show me the geneology! One would have to prove which black folk actually descended from slaves, and which whites actually descended from slave owners. Everyone else is out of the picture. Even this is flawed insofar as white descendents might very well have inherited nothing and be currently living in poverty. Conversely, descendants of slaves might very well have worked and studied hard, taken advantage of the opportunities provided by democratic capitalism, and be quite well off today. (I am very proud to have graduated from an HBC founded by a former slave.) Besides, no one can apologize for or accept a true apology from a deceased third party. The notion is absurd.

11. SO STOP IT!  You’re dooming thousands, if not millions of black kids to poverty, rage, and an early death by propagating the idea that blacks must have gubmint patronage to make it. The very last thing a kid needs is an excuse to do nothing. You’re doing a huge disservice to young blacks by constantly bombarding them with the idea that they are helpless and hopeless without the nanny state. Besides, most “reparation” (read extortion) money collected by the very Reverend Jesse “Love-Child” Jackson & the most Reverend Al “Freddy’s Fashion Mart” Sharpton goes not to poor blacks, but to the Reverends’ families, cronies and pals.

A side note to the state-run media:

You know, you people at the NY Times, WaPo et al should thank your lucky stars every day that there is not a true opposition (conservative) news force.  And I don’t mean Fox News and a couple of radio shows (although they do a wonderful job at this already.)  On the very few occasions that I’ve read your stuff, I am amazed that anyone takes you seriously.  If I had 750 or a thousand words published by someone I trusted and disseminated widely (and did not have to spend my time supporting the bloated Obamma nanny state by working,) I would tear apart not only your editorials, but your so-called “news” articles as well.  Your editorialists would have to hide their liberal heads in shame and move out of town after I got through trashing their puerile and witless bloviations.  (Brent Bozell’s MRC does a great job of this already.)

In general, your editorial boards need to wake up, look at a calendar, and see that the sixties are OVER. No more flower children, no more draft dodging, no more tuning in, turning on, and dropping out. It’s time to grow up and try to start fixing the mess you have made of our country.

A good book on the subject is “The Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts About The Sixties” by two leaders of the radical “New” left at that time, Peter Collier and David Horowitz. Although, considering the drivel lefties turn out day after day, it’s a wonder they can read at all.

(Thanks to D. Horowitz’s “Ten Reasons why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks – and Racist Too!” for some of the above list content.  His ver batim ad can be found at www.adversity.net/reparations/anti_reparations_ad.htm )