Eric Speechless? I'm shocked, shocked...

Eric Erickson wrote an article on RS this AM (7/13/10) in which he proclaimed himself “speechless” by Anita Dunn, former Obamma WH Comms director, who blatantly proclaimed that “tax cuts were spending, too” (presumably by the federal gubmint.)  I had to reply.  However, although the current diatribe began as my brief rejoinder to that article, it soon transmogrified itself into a free-floating, stream-of-consciousness venting of ALL THAT’S WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY.  Lately, I’ve been busy trying to keep the gubmint afloat, so I haven’t had a good long rave in quite a while.  Please bear with me.

Lefties from Wilson to FDR to Jimma Cata have been busy for decades laying the “intellectual” foundation (and I use the term loosely, it’s more like an excuse for conceited moral preening or worse, as we will see) for this nonsense in the schools, in the media and in the public discourse.  The academic version is called “deconstruction”, the media version is known as “social justice” and the political version is, of course, socialism.  I have written extensively about, and will not rehearse here, why the historical claim that anyone’s “wealth,” as we know it today, was “stolen” from them is an absurd idea.  Unless someone wants to write me a really big check for the delays and deprivations visited on me by fortune and genetics, e.g. being born in an orphanage, not knowing my parents, having several “living arrangements” by the aqe of three, suffering the torments of clinical depression, enduring the degradation of alcoholism and living with the nightmare of drug addiction (and that’s just the stuff I dare to speak of publicly,) please spare me long-winded explanations and Dickensian bloviations about who did what to whom 150 years ago.

Thus, the standard leftie, “share-the-wealth” trope goes something like this:
There is no such thing as truth.  All politics, systems of gubmint and canons of instruction are soley expressions of power and efforts aimed at its’ eternal possession.  The white man has used this strategy to keep people of color “down”, robbing them of their wealth and using it as a bulwark against anyone else getting it.  (Never mind that they had their own, powerful and influential cultures much earlier than paler civilizations and could have consolidated power and wealth themselves had it not been for the very slow technical and intellectual develoment in said lands.  Of course, some did, but have since passed away on their own, as have Western cultures, e.g. Rome… ) 

Anyway, along comes MLK, an avowed communist, the power of a sympathetic and guilty media (look at newspapers from ealier times, the popular media perpetrated racism in a particularly virulent way back then and now feel they must make some sort of cosmic attonement for it, as if that were possible) and a whole horde of “me generation” kids looking for a ticket to stay in the U.S. during Vietnam and an excuse for using psychotropic drugs.  Initially, what I call the legitimate civil rights movement had truth and right on their side and the Framers’ ideals of freedom and the dignity of man on their lips.  I was a very early proponent of this kind of civil rights, i.e. back before it was “popular” to do so.  My idealism has been tarnished a great deal since then due to the bastardization of the movement as a crass, but effective way to line the pockets of the Right Rev. Jesse “Love Child” Jackson and his cronies, along with a long, infamous stream of fellow rank opportunists.

Fast forward to today’s subject, Obamma, Holder, Axlerod, etc., who are only the latest, albeit the smoothest and most sophisticated, if simultaneously the most guileful purveyors of the fiction that all American wealth was created on the backs of minorities.  Were injustices done?  Of course.  The expected life span of an Irish immigrant was much shorter than that of a southern plantation slave.  As was the life of a Chinese coolie working on the Pacific railroad.  As was the life of an original member of the Mayflower or Jamestown populations.  Or those who settled the American West.  And so on and so on. 

The upshot is, EVERY race, creed and color has paid a price to live in this great country.  Some a long time ago, some more recently.  But, the fact is we still have a bountiful, beautiful and safe country.  However, unless we stop Obamma & Co., who are even now propagandizing a poorly educated electorate in the above-described strawman trifecta of Cosmic Justice, grievance mongering and the politics of envy, we will have one only a short time more.  Something about the goose and the golden egg.

Oh yeah, now I remember.  People only work for someone else’s benefit half-heartedly.  And they work for the state even less than that.  Especially if the money is worthless and there are no consumer goods to purchase.  Can’t happen here you say?  No one in Weimar Germany thought so either.  Yet all it took was a good “crisis” and a fairly charismatic rabble rouser.  And top down economics have never worked.  Rememeber the Soviet factory worker’s reply when asked how much he made?  “Well,” said he, “they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.”  Sounds like a gubmint owned union company to me.  

Socialism/communism/collectivism – whatever one wishes to call it – has always been simply a power and cash grab by people who knew it is to be so all along.  Can Obamma, Michelle, Holder & Co. be that cynical?  Can they be that deceitful?  Could they be that naive?  Yes, yes and no.  They know exactly what they are doing.