Manned Space Flight & America's Future, Vol. II

Just so there is no doubt about Barack Hussein’s position on defense and space, check this vid out:


Let’s take the main points one by one:

(Even though the first one is not directly related to space, it serves as an extremely convenient glimpse into the BHO Modus Operandi for dealing with important defense matters.  That is, in the words of both Charles Krauthammer and George Will, “unserious.”)

“…I’m the only major candidate who opposed this war from the beginning. And as president I will end it.” — Obama

Yes, but only after playing politics with it and thereby costing many American lives in the process.  President Bush stood by our troops until the conflict in Iraq was arguably won.  Now, when King Obama deigns to allow the expert in Afghanistan, Gen. McChrystal, a 15 min. audience, he is told 40K more troops and lots more time is needed to pacify AQ in that unfortuante country.  Obama authorizes some portion of that number and sets a timetable.  In other words, he takes politically expedient action designed to mollify critics on the left and the right, but not to achieve ultimate victory.  Indeed, I haven’t heard that word escape his cigarette puffing lips since he bacame a national figure.  Have you? 

“I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.” — Obama

Exactly which systems are those?  And since no missle sytem is ever “proven” until it is exhaustively tested or successfully used in battle, how on earth could you know?  And besides, who would rally FOR investing in “unproven missle systems” pray tell? 

“I will not weaponize space.”  — Obama

Too late.  Writing on The Space Review website ( thespacereview.com/article/1546/1 ) noted space writer Taylor Dinerman explained that:

“For both Europe and China, any effective BMD requires space-based early warning sensors similar to the US Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites based in geosynchronous orbit (GEO)…Other American space sensors include the Space Based Infrared System Highly Elliptical Orbit (SBIRS-HEO) and the experimental pair of Space Tracking and Surveillance (STSS) satellites launched in low Earth orbit in September 2009…Reports say that Russia has at least five early warning satellites in both GEO and HEO. The commander of their space forces announced in 2007 that they are working on a new generation of these spacecraft.” 

And before anyone starts hollering that none of this requires manned space flight, remember, sensor satellites are only defensive in nature.  And as we learned quite painfully in the second world war (e.g. the Maginot Line), “…fixed fortifications (in this case, low earth orbit defenses) are monuments to man’s stupidity.” —  George S. Patton, Jr.  It will be an unpleasant surprise when the Chinese mount an attack from deeper space than is now defended (just as the Germans attacked in Belgium where the Maginot Line ended.)  He who controls space will control the world.  Just ask any U.S. Marine about why he wants to hold the high ground.

“I will slow our development of future combat systems.”  — Obama

And slow them he has:  From Chapter 0:2 of High Risk Series: Defense Weapons Systems Acquisition (Letter Report, 02/95, GAO/HR-95-4).
“The [DOD] Secretary’s [recent] actions included terminating the Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile program, deferring procurement plans for the Army’s new Comanche helicopter, reducing research and development funding for–and thereby delaying–the Air Force’s F-22 fighter aircraft program, reducing the
Navy’s DDG-51 destroyer program, and scaling back the Navy’s New
Attack Submarine program.”  I assume we can still buy our guys in Afghanistan bullets, beans and bandages.  Again, this quote does not address space specifically, but gives a clue as to Obama’s perogatives.  For a so-called “Constitutional scholar” he sure doesn’t seem to undwerstand that military defense of the nation is one of the major reasons our Founders chose to become a Republic.  Unfortunately, it looks like what they feared most, a coup by some power hungry Federal Oligarchy, is what’s happening now. 

“And I will institute an independent “Defense Priorities Board” to ensure that the Quadrennial Defense Review is not used to justify unnecessary spending.”  — Obama

What exactly is the Obama Administration’s priority?  Judging by its’ actions, one could be forgiven for guessing that they are interested in reducing our country’s status as the greatest, richest and most secure country in the world (and in the history of the world) to that of fellow supplicant at the International Tribunal’s master’s table for scraps, along with Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Somalia. 


“Third, I will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons. To seek that goal, I will not develop new nuclear weapons; I will seek a global ban on the production of fissile material; and I will negotiate with Russia to take our ICBMs off hair-trigger alert, and to achieve deep cuts in our nuclear arsenals.” — Obama

This is pure madness.  Fortunately, the “O” man is having great success banning “the production of fissile material” by North Korea and Iraq, otherwise I would be worried.  Let’s see, we can’t keep marijuana, cocaine or an army of unsophisticated Mexicans out of our own country, but we are going to police the world to ensure that no one gets their mitts on “fissionable maerial.”  Gee, good luck with that.

Gordon Levine, a commenter on the above-cited Space Review article makes the case as plain as any:

“…any serious [nuclear missle] attack will get warheads through just by overloading the defense with a large quantity.  There is too short a reaction time involved, maneuvering warheads, and ECM.  Can’t stop them all, and each one getting through means a city lost.  Second, the defense will cost much more than the offensive system and that’s what happened with the race with the Russians for a missile defense system vs offensive systems.  Essentially, our economy was stronger to support the manufacturing/training [of a so-called “star wars” defense system.]

And next Mr. Levine gets to the heart of why Obama’s “Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil” policy about not weaponizing space is as dangerous as it is ludicrous:

“However, I surely don’t recommend standing there waiting on someone elses good intentions without some kind of defense.  [Indeed.]  First, ignoring to plan for a serious defense could seriously affect the morale of the public.  Think how the British populace would have felt if [during the Battle of Britain] they were told they didn’t have any air defense because their government didn’t think protecting them ‘worthwhile’.  Second, certain” targets” must be protected, specifically retaliatory forces and head of state.  Third, not having a serious defense could entice a sudden strike.  [Reagan’s Peace Through Strength]  So…it appears what’s necessary is a modest, affordable defense to deter a small strike and a survivable massive retaliatory strike.”

Space truly is the final frontier and it will only stay unoccupied and unmilitarized until someone occupies and weaponizes it.  A simple observation you say?  Obama & Co. seem to disagree.  They believe a better use of out national fortune is to create a monstrous, unworkable, mind-numbing, money squandering “universal healthcare system” which ultimately will provide nothing more than a universally tyrannical albeit highly mediocre healthcare bureaucracy and all the subsequent misery we can stand.  Welcome to the third world…