The Dems don't own the trial lawyers,

the lawyers “own” the Democrats.  But not just any lawyers.  It’s the John Edwards’ brand of ambulance chasers who are at issue.  In general, The American Trial Lawyers Assoc. for instance, and in particular, civil plaintiff trial lawyers. 

Now, everybody should have the right to seek redress through the courts.  And most attorneys are just working stiffs who try to do the best they can in sometimes difficult situations.  But the failure of the ATLA to police themselves and who have thus turned our legal system into a de facto national lottery by opposing tort reform of all kinds is despicable.

They are one of the biggest reason healthcare needs “reform.”  Not just multi-million dollar awards for simple mistakes by doctors (who doesn’t make mistakes during the course of a day’s work?), but the atmosphere of having to practice “defensive medicine” which causes doctors to spend billions unnecessarily to protect themselves from second-guessing lawsuits, has increased the price of healthcare astronomically and made it almost unaffordable.

Imagine having to perform (and charge for) extra duties at your work in fear of being asaulted with a multi million dollar lawsuit?  Actually, you don’t have to imagine.  EVERYTHING we do, purchase or use has had its’ price multiplied many times by manufacturers/providers who are afraid of being sued.  Some things can’t even be had anymore for this reason.  (Rare is the 3 meter diving board at a neighborhood pool anymore, whereas before, they were commonplace.)  You can probably think of dozens of things which have either disappeared or made more costly by defensive practices.  Cars, airplane tickets, ladders, TV’s — everything costs more because companies must now figure in the cost of possibly ruinous suits. 

All so some weenie like John Edwards can live in an 80 room house, support mistresses and love children and afford $400 haircuts.  Pitiful.