With all due respect to Star Parker

RedState contributor “Beaglescout” quoted Star Parker in one of his comments as saying:

“Republicans need to wake up [and see] that the conservative message that supposedly defines their party is a message that blacks badly need. But they aren’t going to sell it to them as long as blacks do not feel comfortable pulling the lever for Republicans.

Republicans leaders should be using air time to be talking about why limited government, low taxes, school choice, private social security accounts, market driven health care paradigms, and traditional values that are friendly to family integrity are crucial for low income Americans.

These truths need to be delivered with conviction and credibility.

If Republicans looked at blacks as potential customers like any business looks at potential new markets, they would try to understand their unique mentality and learn how to market their product to them. A product that this community badly needs.”

Excuse me, but I can’t think of anything we haven’t done to get that message out — to everyone.  We scream it on the (radio) airwaves everyday by a virtual parade of conservative commentators, it is pushed on Fox 24/7, many of us have written scores of letters to the editor, discussed it with blacks and and argued with liberals alike and written thousands of words about it at RS and elsewhere.  A trainload of hefty books have been written on the subject, many of them by brilliant, articulate (and probably clean) black men, e.g. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, and on and on.  Exactly what else can we do?

Just for the record: 
1) raising the minimum wage kills jobs for entry level employees — USUALLY YOUNG BLACK GUYS
2) the way to revitalize many inner city neighborhood is to encourage and support businesses there — EVEN IF THEY ARE RUN BY KOREANS
3) since crime runs businesses off — SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE
4) since your children will have a far better chance at success with a good education — OPPOSE TEACHERS’ UNIONS and SUPPORT VOUCHERS
5) because unions have killed some of the largest employers in the land (e.g. Ford, GM, etc.) DON’T VOTE FOR OR SUPPORT UNIONS
6) because gang members and other violent criminals destroy neighborhoods and businesses — SUPPORT THE DEATH PENALTY
7) since most abortions are performed on young black women and usually leave them demoralized — OPPOSE ABORTION (Wow, talk about genocide)-                                                                                                                                                                Eight) since EIGHT) black folks are just as capable of making it in a free market society as asians, hispanics or whites (the examples are numerous) — STOP BUYING INTO THE DEM MYTH THAT YOU ABOSOLUTELY NEED GUBMINT INTERVENTION TO SUCCEED (most affirmative action schemes only “help” wealthier, more educated blacks anyway)
9) since the only real diff between black and white folks is their degree of pigmentation, OPPOSE RACE DEFINED GROUPS, LAWS AND VOTING PATTERNS (e.g. black studies programs, “hate” crime legislation and block voting for the Dem party)
10) look at your pay stub and find the figure labeled “Gross Pay”.  Wouldn’t you like to have all or most of that?  VOTE AGAINST TAX HIKES                                            11) want to accomplish all of the above in one fell swoop? — VOTE REPUBLICAN

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But remember, to paraphrase Scott Brown:  This isn’t Bill and Hillary’s country, this isn’t Harry and Nancy’s country and it isn’t Rangel and Obama’s country either –IT’S OUR COUNTRY  —  BLACK AND WHITE!!!!  (And yellow and red and brown and tan…)