Al Sharpton (inadvertently) speaks the Truth

This morning on Fox & Friends, Al “Freddie’s Fashion Mart” Sharpton finally admitted the truth, though I doubt he realizes it.  While defending Harry “No Negro Dialect” Byrd and Bill “Get Me Some Coffee” Clinton and trashing Trent Lott, Sharpton stated, basically, that such remarks were O.K. coming from the former two august personages because they helped get blacks elected.

He went on to explain that Lott’s remark indicated his (Lott’s) desire to return to Jim Crow America.  Of course, Lott was talikng about returning to the non-racial concept of states’ rights, but since such has been deemed a code word for racism, he could not successfully defend himself against the charge.  We should all be hoping for a return of states’ rights because the Federal Leviathan will eventually crush us all, black and white.

But, getting back to Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, he is admitting that racism really isn’t an issue if it interferes with the acquisition of power for his side.  It only becomes an issue when useful in destroying political opponents.  Kind of like the feminists’ selective outrage. 

Sen. Bob Packwood was hounded out of office by a full frontal assault by the NOW crowd.  Said [then president of NOW] Patricia Ireland in media interviews on the resignation: “They understand that their constituents will no longer tolerate the abuse of power or the abuse of women by those in power.”  Yet somehow, when Bill “Touch It Baby” Clinton’s sexual imprecations were exposed, so to speak, as just the kind of power abuser described by Ms. Ireland, not to mention being a serial adulterer, what did we get from the NOW bunch?  Crickets.

And this is precisely why the CBC, Al, Jesse & Co no longer hold the moral high ground on the race issue.  They have ceded any principle or credibility they might have once had by continually bashing conservatives and Republicans about supposed racial missteps while letting libs and Dems off the hook for far grosser violations of “correct” racial posture.  Indeed, Joey “Clean and Articulate” Biden was given the Vice Presidency and his stupid comments ignored after a brief, perfunctory apology.

The American people are not as evil and racist as the current professional civil rights “Leadership” makes them out to be.  Most Americans favored the 60’s era Civil Rights movement and causes, especially many of us who grew up observing the indignities of the Jim Crow South.  Yet, modern-day “civil rights” has become nothing more than a racial spoils system and a form of political control.  Vote for us and we will go to bat for you if your true racism ever becomes public.  However, oppose us and the slightest murmur of non-PC talk or thought will be portrayed as the equivalent of favoring a return racial lynchings.  Sorry, there’s no honor and certainly no morality in a bunch that acts like that.  As my dear old mom used to say, “That’s ugly, stop that.”

So, please, take it from the lead civil rights’ spokeman’s horse’s mouth.  Racism is O.K. as long as you’re on our side.  Otherwise, you better walk the PC line.  BTW, how many apologies has anyone heard or read about made publicly or privately to Reade Seligmann, David Evans and/or Collin Finnerty?  They were fasely accused by their University’s president, most of its’ faculty, almost all of law enforcement, nearly every major news organization in the U.S. and countless others.  Yet, on the very day of their exoneration, when all charges were dropped, suddenly a new story of evil white racism took its’ place — that of Don “Nappy Head” Imus. 

But wait a minute, wasn’t Imus, before his outlandish (but common to him) remarks, considered a staunch liberal?  Yes, I believe that’s right.  Maybe it’s not as safe to be an insensitive racist on the left as previously thought.  Especially on a day when the entire leftist propaganda mill: media, academia, foundations — all of them — stood with egg on their collective faces and looking like nothing so much as the useful idiots and stooges they truly are.  So, look out Harry, Joey and all the rest.  You may be next under the bus…