Misreading Jefferson

Just as Jefferson’s phrase, “…all men are created equal…” referred to certain inalienable rights and therefore equal opportunity, his “…wall of separation between church and state…” (not found in the Declaration or Constitution I hasten to add) was simply an assurance that one denomination would not be favored over another at the federal level.  Yet, both have been perverted by leftist weenies to mean something entirely different. 

The former has been puposefully corrupted to mean equality of result, which is ridiculous on its’ face if one bestows even a modicum of thought upon it.  And the latter has also been twisted (by lefties intent on secularizing our country) to mean the gubmint (at all levels) may not even recognize religion as an important entity in the lives of its’ citizens. 


I am, ahem, a middle-aged man, so it was not that long ago that the grade schools, junior highs and high schools I attended ALL had what were called “Freedom Shrines” on prominent display, usually behind glass.  They featured copies of the Declaration, the Constitution, a replica of the Liberty Bell and other such artifacts signifying what a rare and priceless gift freedom is and reminding us of the price of that freedom — Eternal Vigilance.  We studied REAL history which explained the terrible, bloody and sometime awful price paid by our forebearers to secure our freedom. 

Today’s revisionist historians seem to think slave ownership at a time when it was common or territorial fights over land, practically axiomatic in the history of man, are so unusual they overshadow what was wrought — a land of milk and honey which these self-same arbiters of other people’s morality enjoy handsomely as tenured professors and other such tertiatry, but bountifully remunerated, adjuncts to society. 

I always have an answer to people who cry loudly about “what was done to the native Americans” — sell all you own and hand over the proceeds to the nearest Indian Tribe.  This is precisely what the federal gubmint is trying to force us to do at the point of the IRS gun and in the cursed name of “social justice.”  Again, apply some logic to all of this.  The Indians were not “native” in the true sense of the word.  They came across (what is now) Alaska when a land bridge existed through that route from what is now Russia.  (Anybody for handing over Detroit to Vladimir Putin?  Well, maybe that was a bad example, but you get the idea.)  Europeans came from all kinds of places.  Other peoples lived there before they did.  Give Australia back to the aboriginees, Africa back to the Africans, etc etc etc…

At some point one must ask: Why were certain cultures able to control certain lands and resources and/or reappropriate them from others?  It couldn’t be that those cultures were SUPERIOR in nature, i.e. more advanced?  Which begs yet another question:  Why is that?  And on and on it goes.

To deny such realities is to settle for what Obama’s crew is planning for us now: “standards” set by and for the Lowest Common Denominator.  Instead of striving for improvement, perfection, excellence and all higher things, the O Team plans to bring us all low (or at least most of us.  In all socialist societies there exists a ruling elite immune to the kind of “equality” they impose on others, usually peopled by intellectuals, the professoriate, etc — generally, people like Hillary and the O man, who Know Better Than You Do.)  Yes, we will all stand in the bread line as EQUALS.  We will all be denied dialysis after age 50 by gubmint rationed care on an EQUAL basis.  We will all strive EQUALLY to bribe gubmint people to get our ration card renewed, our gubmint check mailed, our portion of heat turned on — whatever.

The world has quickly become a museum for failed experiements in socialism.  And America is destined to become the most pathetic example because IT DIDN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN HERE.  We have been given object lesson after object lesson, but we continue to elect Utopians who think humanity is perfectable if only it is managed well by the elite.  (When of course, just the opposite is true, as the stubborn economy is now proving to the O Team — biilions of tax money stolen, borrowed, printed and wasted notwithstanding.)  No one man or even group of people, no matter how bright (and that is not a term I would use for Barney’s frank, Queen Nancy, Prince Harry or The One), can possess enough knowledge at just the right time to make an economy work from the top down.  That’s why free market capitalism will always provide the most prosperity for the most people.  And, it has the extra added attraction that it works in concert with human nature rather then contrawise to it.

In apprx 40 years we have gone from a country which enshrined Freedom to one which virtually spits on it.  Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.  Slavery was a horrible fact.  Wars fought against the Native Americans were savage.  Child labor was exploitive.  Partial rights for women was abysmal.  But we cannot dwell in the past.  Believe me, nothing can now be done to right such wrongs except in the fetid and fevered imagination of some tenured professor or bloated politician and only on the most ethereal, transient and nebulous plains of idle reflection.

No my friends, now is the time to live.  Now is the time to strive.  Now is the time for personal responsibillity and respect for the basic building block of society — the family.  Now is the time to labor for excellence, improvement and perfection.

For if it is mediocrity we seek, it is mediocrity we shall surely get — nationally, publically and personally.