Fire in the Sky

Oh, so now Barry wants the intel community to connect the dots. Let’s see what he has done to encourage and/or facilitate this:

* His AG, Eric Holder, is now attempting to prosecute former (and present) CIA agents who were trying desperately to connect the dots

* He is allowing KSM AND Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab to lawyer up, which will keep the most needed dots from being released

* He is trying close Gitmo, where a whole lotta dots are being detained and sweated

* His so called “Justice” dept has now put on trial three SEAL Team Members who gave one of the dots a fat lip

* He has outlawed the most reasonable, effective and humane EIT’s designed to get more dots

* He won’t even refer to dot gathering and dot fighting by its’ true name anymore, but instead has devolved into the use of some ultra stupid euphemisms, thereby decreasing the seriousness of the exercise (thank you Charles Krauthammer for bringing that one home)

* His “Chief” of Homeland Security is busy making lists of law abiding, church-going, American military veterans as possible perpetrators, while, as Ann Coulter so pithily points out, since the Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie, Scottland in 1988, all succeeding terrorist bombers have had the same hair color, the same eye color, the same skin color and half of them have been named Mohammed

* His “Chief” of Homeland Security publicly fails to realize that “the system” definitely DID NOT WORK re: the Christmas Day Detroit bombing attempt — such a lapse by a conservative President or his staff would have brought peals of laughter from the left, endless Letterman jokes and a long line of SNL skits pointing out how “stupid” the administration was in not realizing the horrible failure of “the system” in this instance. Now? Crickets…

* The Israelis haven’t had a terrorist attack in years because they are on the lookout for TERRORISTS, not tweezers

Indeed, Barry has effectively crippled and/or intimidated the intelligence gathering community to the point where they have very few means and practically no motivation to even gather dots, much less connect them. And if any of this reminds you of the “wall memo” and Jamie Gorelick, you’re not alone.

What a difference a year makes. Maybe this supposed “incompetence” is really part of the Barry/Rham long-term plan to allow a crisis of huge proportions to occur on American soil so they can declare martial law, suspend the 2010 elections and take over.