Evil Mongers: A Response

Since Prince “Body Oder” Reid and Queen Nancy “Air Diva” Pelosi, among others, have decided to impugn my integrity, I believe they deserve a response.  And, as an official brown-shirt wearing, swastika displaying, angry-mob joining, minority-hating, evil-mongering right-wing extremist (and with tongue planted firmly in cheek), I believe I probably speak for a great number of others as well.  If not, I would be surprised.

First of all, no liberal, progressive, left-winger, or whatever they are calling themselves these days, has any more compassion, good-will, or benevolence than I do.  I want every child to have a full belly and a warm place to sleep.  I want every person (in the world) to have access to top-of-the-line health care.  I want every potential gang-banger to have a loving family complete with father.  I want everyone afoot to have a car, every homeless to have a home, every renter to own, every handicapped person to be whole.  I want all hiring done with exquisite justice.  I want all promotions to be completely fair.  I want every law school, medical school, college and kinder garden to make all admissions without regard to race, creed or color.  I want all the women to be attractive and all the children to be above average.  I want all badness to go away and all goodness to come upon the earth.  I want the lion to lay down with the lamb.  I want every stream to be crystal clear and all air to be clean and fresh.  I want no species endangered.  I abhor human exploitation.  I want everyone to make $100 an hour.  Have I covered all of Utopia yet?  If not, please comment below.

Anyway, back on planet earth, what is actually possible is the real question.  The answer, contrary to what one might have heard from gubmint experts, including Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, is quite simple.  Although Dr. Zeke believes what he reads and writes is far too esoteric for the typical, knuckle draggin’ Astroturf member to understand, none of this stuff is rocket science.  (An obvious clue to the nefarious nature of their healthcare proposals is the fact that none of the panjandrums proposing them are willing to sign on personally.  Kind of like public school defenders who wouldn’t dare send their OWN kids to one.)

The financial system proven time and again to most equitably provide the most goods and services for the greatest number is capitalism.  I hereby dare and challenge anyone to cite an historical system which has proven more prolific and simultaneously more just than market capitalism.  Indeed, when governments and financial arrangements collapse, what invariably takes their place?  Inevitably, it is replaced by some form of (black) Market system, the crude precursor to capitalism.

The rules of economics are simple and finite (see Thomas Sowell’s, “Basic Economics”).  People want and need goods and services.  Since each person cannot provide all of them, individuals usually specialize in providing one or two good(s) and/or service(s) and trade it/them for the others they need.  Simple.  Now, since carrying enough chickens around to trade off for a plow is not always convenient, we invented money.  So much money represents so much effort and labor.  Twenty units of money equals eight hrs labor, for example.  (Until gubmint gets involved, as we shall see below.)

Now, since a civilized economy cannot exist in a vacuum, human nature being what it is, we institute a gubmint.  Gubmints are basically necessary to keep order.  The best gubmints are those that govern least.  That is, they allow the free market to operate with the least incumbrance.  The best example of this so far has been a Constitutional Republic, enabled by the concept of representative democracy.  Such a one is the country in which we live, the U. S. of A.  (see John Adam’s quote below.)

Obviously, since gubmint needs power to keep the peace, it also has the power to interfere with the market and there’s the rub.  It takes considerable self-discipline (not to mention integrity) NOT to turn the power of gubmint to personal ends, whether it is funding our favorite feel-good notions, throwing advantage to our friends and families, trying to institute Heaven on Earth (otherwise known as Utopia) or getting re-elected.  One can easily see how a small bunch of elitists who have managed to wrangle re-election after re-election and now have acquired a great deal of individual power from a flawed seniority system never imagined by our founders could become big-headed, egotistical, self-righteous know-it-alls with a horribly over-developed sense of entitlement.  Which brings us back to the royal couple mentioned above.

Using the power of govt to buy votes (unions are a good example), play God (welfare, healthcare, Medicare) or Make All Things Right (cash for clunkers, reverse discrimination laws, Community Reinvestment Act, quotas, etc, etc, ad nauseum) are all prescriptions for disaster.  And none of this is new.  Consider the following observations made well over a hundred years ago:           

“Our constitution is designed for a moral and religious people, it is totally unsuited to the governance of any other.”   John Adams

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”  Thomas Jefferson

“You don’t permanently help a man by doing for him what he could and should do for himself.”  Abraham Lincoln

When The Man from Hope, our first Boy President (not to mention our first black president) was running as a presidential candidate in the ’92 election, Time magazine ran a picture of Bill on the cover and posed the ridiculous question, “Does Character Matter?”  I think the answer should be crystal clear by now:  “Not to liberals it doesn’t.”  As per Saul Alinsky, the ends justify the means.  His strategy, used so effectively by the libs of late, especially the “O” team, is to vilify any opposition.  Think about that for a second.  We’re not talking about vilifying villains, we’re talking about vilifying anyone who disagrees with us, regardless of their possession of integrity or their undoubted good character.

Up to now, this “politics of personal destruction” didn’t really bother the average Joe.  It was an insider abstraction which he passed off as politics as usual.  However, since absolute power corrupts absolutely, the Democrats have given average Joe a chance to experience it himself.  Does he believe in the 2nd amendment and oppose abortion?  Why, he’s a right-wing extremist.  Is he satisfied with his healthcare and dares question his betters from Washington?  Of course, he’s part of an uninformed mob passing around misinformation.  Does he really, really, really not want the gubmint in charge of one tenth of the U.S. economy (see “free” markets above)?  Well, he just doesn’t have the level of understanding or brainpower exhibited by Dr. Zeke who is oh so edjumicated about the ends and outs of providing free (no extra charge) healthcare for 300 million people.  Besides, average Joe is probably a closet racist, a swastika carrying brown shirt, etc.  Imagine his suggesting that he understands the budget problem just because acquiring two or three more relatively minor financial obligations will sink him personally– much less 300 million.  Besides, he doesn’t have the power to tax and print worthless money like the gubmint has, so he just can’t possibly understand.  (see Fred Thompson’s classic Insider’s Explanation of Economics from a few months ago.)

All of which, of course, brings us full circle.  A bunch of powerful elites, proclaiming superior knowledge and intentions, are trying to use gubmint power to feel good about themselves, create Utopia on earth and spread the wealth (mostly to their friends and constituencies), which in reality means spreading the poverty (see Thomas Jefferson above.)  And on top of all this, the Nobama crowd is coming dangerously close to creating an enemies list consisting of half the nation’s population.  Wow.  Richard Nixon had nothing on this guy. 

Of course, plenty of object lessons are available in the world today (and, if one likes, in the recent history of the world.   See, for example, the United Soviet Socialist Republic, where one worker in a state-run tractor factory answered a Western reporter’s question about his wages with the classic, “Vell, zey pretend to pay us and ve pretend to verk.”)  Daniel Hannon, an MP from Britain, has been endlessly quoted by innumerable media sources warning the U.S., “DON’T DO IT.”  Great Britain is trying desperately to get out from under their National Healthcare Program even as we “debate” instituting one here.

However, we don’t need to travel across the “big pond” to find examples of this misguided, “We Are The World” demagoguery cum potentially disastrous public policy.  I recently spent an entire day sitting in the emergency department waiting room of a major hospital where the socialist policies of come one, come all, regardless of ability to pay, are currently being practiced.  Now multiply that by 300 million with no increase in doctors, nurses or emergency waiting rooms (and, regardless of the promises of smarter-than-you, nepotistic medical “experts,” with HUGELY confiscatory tax increases) and you will have a frightening glimpse of Universal Nobamacare. 

“Your wait time __7__ hours.  Please have a seat and wait until your number is called.  AND PLEASE STOP BLEEDING ON THE CARPET YOU UN-AMERICAN EVIL MONGER!!!!!”

(Senators and Congressmen may use the VIP Lounge upstairs and to the left.)