Why are so many deluded about Socialism - or are they?

Maybe the problem is that many people cannot believe it will ever happen here, or if it does, it will be “that bad.” It’s easy to take freedom for granted and complacency is obviously a human trait shared by all at some point.

I remember after 9/11 how people flocked to churches and synagogues (and to mosques, too, I guess, but for a different reason.) The general public was actually afraid that they might lose their lives. However, I wonder if they were afraid of losing their freedom? Probably not. I believe most people understand that the U.S. can thwart most violent threats, but are ignorant of the “boiling frog” scenario.

Then I wonder, how could this be? Are not a multitude of public voices shouting of the dangers of creeping socialism? Did it not become an issue during the last election? Didn’t the O reveal his true intentions to Joe the Plumber?

The answer is yes, it is known. So either people don’t believe it will be bad, or believe all the warnings are just hyper-political propaganda. For the former, I suspect many think socialism will be like a giant sized “Ophra Give Away” show, in which benevolent govt hands out new cars, new homes and the like. (Remember the famous soundbite from the O supporter who believed she would not have to buy gas or pay rent if The One got elected!) It is truly disturbing that some have such a infantile view of reality — but there it is.

As for the latter crowd, I can only guess they are idealogues who are so steeped in their own PR they have begun to believe it. Or, more frightening still, they believe they themselves will become part of the”ruling elite,” along with Hillary, BHO, Bill Ayers, et al.  Unfortunately, the ruling elite, by definition, must be a relatively small group of people.

So, where does that leave the rank and file liberal when the Anschluss does come? I guess they can be good party members, blockwatchers and executioners which seems to suit the personalities of many left wing idealogues. I mean really, have you ever met a liberal who isn’t insufferably smug or downright hostile? Not many I’ll wager. (Yes, I know there are a few.)

But the process is insidious. For instance, the teachers’ unions, through intermediaries of course, attack the First Amendment, because otherwise religious schools might receive aid from the federal govt and spread. And they present not only viable competition to govt schools, but are a huge embarrassment and a biting testament to the total ineptitude of publik skools.  (Religious schools spend a fourth the money, but churn out twice or thrice the graduates.)

In turn, the JudeoChistian principles on which our country was founded come under attack, which weakens the social fabric by removing moral authority, certitude and restraint. Since humans were designed to seek imutable truth and an metaphysical authority of some kind (heretofore represented by God and a set of moral standards,) the state moves in to fill the void they themselves have created. Since the federal govt has thus become so grotesquely engorged, the special interests (in this case teachers) petition the new state authority for even more protection in the face of any attempt to reign in their excesses or address their failures.

And so it is throughout the economy, with every group banding together to form an interest group, especially with the O nationalizing everything in sight. I began to notice this trend a few years ago when I became involved in a number of professional and private associations.

Either my professional organization was requesting money and support to petition some branch of governement for WHAT WE WANT, or my pilot’s association was begging money to keep the government from ruining general aviation with the imposition of user fees, or my sports club needs funds to fight off government’s attempt to restrict and eventually remove rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, or…well, you get the point. One doesn’t simply join a club anymore, one becomes an advocate, tacit or otherwise, in one or another causes seeking some form of dispensation from the all powerful governemnt — a state of affairs sometimes known as socialism. Before long, federal governement is the ONLY authority and the only avenue of redress. Heaven help you if you come down on the “wrong” side when this happens. I hope I’m living in Antigua by that time.