Media Misdirection

What has happened to our country in the last 40 years is magical, and not in a good way.  Not in the sense of joyous wonder with mysitical underpinnings.  But in the sense of how have so many of our cherished beliefs and traditions been so thoroughly trashed in so short a time and with such totality in the public mind?  Now, I’ll admit that dumbing down of the citizenry by public “education” is a very important feature of the process.  But other, more subtle factors are at play here.  And remember, the key to magic is misdirection and the Lamestream media use it liberally (pun intended.)

As soon as their newly historic nominee to the SCCOTUS makes a blatantly racist remark, Lib damage control goes into full alert mode.  Immediately, a competing story becomes national news.  In this case, it’s the rather mundane tale of a wacky housewife who calls 911 and falsely claims two black men have forced her and her daughter into the trunk of their car.  AH HAH!   See, somewhere in the U.S. a white woman is using a racist excuse for her bad behavior.  So, since perception is reality, in the public mind anyway, Sonia Sotomayor’s remarks really aren’t THAT bad.  And, look over here, the “R” word (racism) still exists in America.  (Gee, ya think?  Unfortunately, it always will.  Its a character defect, like greed or lust or nose picking.  As long as human beings populate the earth, it will always be with us.)  But observe and appreciate the mechanism in place.  When their totalitarian march to undermine the Constitution in the name of compassion is theatened, they retaliate swiftly and surely with a competing meme to confuse the public and/or create a false sense of moral equivalency therein.

This is wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start.  First, so what?  So there is a wacko making a false report to police.  It happens dozens of times a day.  Why is it national news?  Second, the false accuser is a private citizen, she has absolutely NO connection to S. Sotomayor’s fitness for the Supreme Court.  Third, using race for a scapegoat is nothing new and has been used liberally (there’s that word again) by every race to pin the blame on someone else.  Let’s see, the CIA is responsible for forcing black ghetto dwellers to become addicted to crack.  The same CIA invented AIDS and introduced into the population knowing it would affect blacks more visciously than other races.  (Man, I won’t even touch the racist assumptions behind that one, either in context of the effect of the disease or in the motivations of the alleged “perpetrators.)  I even saw one poor black man from the Ninth Ward on TV, soon after Katrina, swearing emphatically that “the government” had purposely “blown up” the levees.  So obviously, racial conspiracy theories and alleged blame are not wanting in post-modern America.

Do other instances of seemingly “coincidental,” but conveniently (and apparently) contracdictory news stories showimg up in close proximity exist?  You betcha.  Let’s see.  The Duke Lacrosse Team comes to mind.  The very day they were completely and undeniably exonorated after months and months of lamestream media pounding, and long after serious doubts about Nifong’s case had arisen, the propriety and racial sensitivity of, guess who, yes, that paragon of restraint and studied commentary, Don Imus no less, suddenly and blindingly comes to the fore.  The Imus story took over the news cycle, as if no one knew this clown was a loud-mouthed, offensive buffon from way back.  (And a solid liberal until he became useful for media misdirection.)  But, surprise, the exact same theme is presented for your consideration.  A “typical” white man makes racially insensitive remarks, so it was really O.K. and not that bad to falsely accuse, harrass and hound, almost send to prison and nearly ruin the lives of three obviously innocent white guys.  (And did I mention they were “privileged,” too?)  Another rationaiztion at the time was “So what?”  Black men had been falsely accused and sent to prison before.  Hey, I thought the idea was to eliminate racism, not simply swap victims and continue as before. 

See how it works.  The MSM was oh so wrong about a bunch of white boys being racists, so, rather than admit one mea culpa or offer one apology, they simply blasted another story with the opposite meme on the airwaves (and bandwidths or whatever.)  Think it’s a coincidenc?  You can probably think of other examples on your own.

The Man from Hope himself made a clumsy attemp at this very thing by bombing an aspirin factory the day of Monica Lewinski’s tesitmony against him.  Going back further, the testimony of bright, articulate, conservative (and black) character witnesses for Clarence Thomas were shown at 3 AM.  Anita Hill was prime time.  And, I may be getting into tin foil hat territory here, but doesn’t it seem that imediately prior to every major attempt at legislating gun control and restricting 2nd Amendment rights a massive shooting occurs somewhwere in the U.S.?  I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist, but I’m really beginning to see a pattern here.  Last night, on Hannity I believe, several Dem officios were offering almost verbatim accolades for S. Sotomayor, e.g. “a compelling personal story,” “appointed by Bush and Clinton (to different courts)”, “top of her class at Princeton (oh yeah?  If that’s so important why won’t the Annointed One Himself release his college and law school grades?)”, etc.  Until recently, I believed it would be difficult for diverse members of a large group, even a political party, to keep their stories straight on some kind of concerted smear of misdirection.  But in light of the almost unanimous talking points expressed in favor of S. Sotomayor by Axelrod, et al, now I’m not so sure.  Maybe they have enforcemet tactics which are not readily reported by the MSm, like ruining people’s lives and reputations if they don’t toe the party line or try to thwart party perogativees.  (Attorneys for GM creditors who insisted on a greater return for their debt than 22 cents on the dollar were threatened with personal destruction; also,  Joe the Plumber; Carrie Prejean; Paula Jones; Linda Tripp, Katherine Harris; etc.)

Now the MSM and their lackeys are pretty clever.  The don’t often end up with as much egg on their faces as in the Duke LaCrosse case.  But no one can doubt they have become masters at misdirection, damage control and socialist propaganda.

If such is the case, at least to some degree, let’s be aware to the point of serious investigation.  Who was this woman who alleged an attack by black men?  What are her political affiliations?.  Who has she had recent contact with?  Is she just a nut?  Maybe so.  But the presumed equal and opposite racial (read political) memes suddenly arriving on the public scene by “coincidence” should not only be looked at askance, but should be investigated and highlighted.  Why is just another false report made to police suddenly national news?  It happens all the time — by members of all races.