USA: The New Detroit?

The United States is quickly becoming Detroit writ large.  Detroit was a one horse town, but with a huge, profitable horse.  So naturally, being located in a liberal, Democratic state, the formerly private enterprise of manufacturing cars for profit, became a cash cow for all comers – government at the local, state and federal levels, unions, shakedown artists of all varieties, etc.  The once Big Three were assaulted by an alphabet soup of govt agencies, regulations and assorted parasites on the body corporate: the EPA, OSHA, CAFE, ADA, IRS, AFL-CIO, the DNC (just kidding, I think) and so forth.  Well, in a global economy, they were competing against a host of international entities unfettered by the alphabet attack.  Naturally, American auto companies begin to decline.  And, like night follows day, along comes the Obamanation crowd declaring that the “free market” is not working.

On the national level, Prince Harry, Queen Nancy, Barney’s Frank and Chris Dood declare that the failure of the auto industry, banking industry, housing, credit, etc. are all examples of horribly neglectful underregulation by former Presidents Bush, Reagan et al.  So, preceeded and accompanied by a constant drumbeat of such twisted and factless absurdities, the American economy has now become the personal bank account of leftist utopians.  The new statists (fascists) are now using tax money to fund a laundry list of left-wing social engineering schemes and a plethora of pork barrel political pay-offs: everything from why pigs smell to promoting astronomy in Hawaii.  Everything that is, except the few Constitutionally mandated perogatives of the federal govt: defending the borders, fending off all enemies foreign and domestic, judicial review of legislation (rather than activism) and so on.

Even when the Obama gaffe machine (think Napolitano, Biden) attempts to address one of these issues, say domestic terroism, it stinks to high heaven of politics and it’s incompetent to boot.  Consider one Daniel San Diego, a left wing animal rights “activist” who is the first and, indeed, ONLY domestic terrorist to make the FBI’s most wanted list.  His is a name unfamiliar to Morris Dees and Janet Napolitano, who are busy outing active members of the Armed Forces, veterans, pro-life advocates and the tiny number of Americans who still believe in the 2nd and 10th Amendments as “right-wing extremists.”  Fox News has filed a FOIA request to unearth the documents upon which Napolitano’s policy statement was based.  It’s really not a secret, is it?  Only a short time before, or maybe the same day of Napolitano’s obomination, Morris Dees of the extremely left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center released a document which he himself said “dovetails nicely” with the new Pentagon report on so-called right wing-extremism.  I’ll just bet it does.

And BTW, did you realize Dees and his company of self-righteous witch hunters has supplied a list of “enemies” to the Pentagon and, according to Dees, the Defense Dept has “removed” such people from the Armed Forces.  Excuse me, but when did anyone vote on Mr. Dees’ elevation to chief political Inquisitor?  And who gave him the power to suggest names of ideological suspects to the Defense Dept?  And exactly what criteria was utilized by Dees and Friends to determine who, exactly, is an enemy of the state?  And who is supplying the Pentagon with a list of supposed left-wing subversives among active duty troops?  And would anyone act on such a list were it provided?  And what about those individuals who were erroneously targeted as “dangerous” members of the right wing – already a highly subjective category?  Who and how will their careers, reputations and lives be restored to them and how will they be made whole financially?  Does anyone have the courage to ask Obama and company questions such as these?  Of course, even if they are asked and answered, you will never hear about them from the see no left-wing evil, hear no-left wing evil and speak no left-wing evil traditional media.  Just ask anyone who recently attended a TEA party.

So, the Feds villify and ruin anyone who opposes their wanton and unconstitutional abuse of power, while simultaneously sucking the U.S. economy dry to fund every conceivable form of elitist nonsense which floats into their fettered and fetid imaginations.  Especially popular among the leftist ruling class (and, unfortunately, among the right as well) are measures which they believe will help them remain ensconced in their seats of power and priviledge in perpetuity.  Ah, what a shame that the road to Utopia and bliss is paved with so many freedoms which Americans used to take for granted.  “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”

You know, I was listening to Mark Levin on the radio last night on the way to my night job when a 10 y/o called in to congratulate Mr. Levin on his latest book.  (No. 1 Best Seller, “Liberty and Tyranny”)  Also, and by his comments it was obvious he understood the underlying concepts, the boy wanted to voice his agreement that our country is quickly headed down the road to serfdom (apologies to Fredrick Von Hayek.)  Now my question is, if a prepubescent child can understand these things, why can’t a majority of American voters?  Or has ACORN, Morris Dees and all the rest so poisoned the well that honest elections can no longer be heald in this country?  Maybe we should dispatch Jimma Cata to various polling places throughout the country in 2010 to ensure that “fariness” is maintained and good triumphs over evil.  Doubtful.