Air Diva and Queen Nancy

Let me begin by admitting that I stole the Air Diva tag from Michelle Malkin’s recent column on this subject.  The divine Miss M (Michelle) hit the nail on the head regarding Queen Nancy’s hypocrisy.  Ms Malkin expounded on San Farancisco’s blatantly anti-military stance while it’s most powerful citizen demands that the Air Force act as her personal air chaffeur service.  She actually requested that the Air Force reposition a pair of large jets from San Fran to Fairfield (Travis AFB, a distance of apprx 40 miles) for the great Lady’s convenience.  She had “business” in Fairfield.  So, to spare herself and her entourage (more later) what amounted to an hour’s drive (almost all of it via interstate), Queen P wanted the govt to waste several thousands of your hard earned tax dollars for her personal convenience.  And that of her daughter, son-in-law, grand daughter and who knows who else?  (Did the nanny come along?  God forbid anyone should have to burp baby and risk a soiled blouse.)  Gee, the average working man (and woman) in California faces at least an hour’s worth of commute twice a day for the privilege of supporting our royal congressional leaders.  You know, us working folks can no longer afford to live near our work because of environmentally stupid land use laws, greenspace restrictions, uber strict building codes, etc.. (see Thomas Sowell for a full vetting of this topic…)

Ms Malkin also discussed the hypocrisy of little miss global warming burning up the sky with week-end trips back home while demanding that we all drive smaller (and therefore more dangerous) cars, use low flush toilets (which really don’t work that well), switch to low energy bulbs (I know, supposedly the same candlepower, but I can’t see anything with them), and generally shrink our lifestyles in the name of MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING, or MMGW for short.  Funny how the royal Cassandra, Al Gore and her royal highness, Queen NP, can jet across the world and it’s O.K., but let you or me use some freon that actually cools our car and the black shirts are breaking down our door and hauling us off to jail.  It’s a wonderful new Obama world ain’t it?

Which brings me to the hypocrisy which Miss Malkin failed to expressly mention, and that’s the audacity of those self-appointed, self-righteous demagogues of dubious ethics and paper thin morality (see Charlie Rangel tell a reprter to mind his “GD business” when asked about his taxpayer funded fly Caddy at hillbillypolitics.com) pronouncing on the use of corporate jets by peolpe who actually produce the wealth that our Democratic rulers so wantonly watse.  We’ll leave aside for the nonce the question of whether bailed out companies should use business jets (I suspect it’s far more cost effective than letting a highly trained executive bide his time at the concourse hot dog stand.)  Queen Nancy, of “I’m Speaker of the House, I don’t comment on Rush Limbaugh” fame, and her ilk have no business dictating to execs of solvent companies about whether they should fly in corporate jets (not to mention what their salaries and comps should be.)  At least they have earned their jet.  At least they create wealth and jobs and have made our country the envy of the world.  What has Nancy done to compare with that while carting her grandaughter across the country twice a week?  What do she and her stoogies in Congress produce besides class envy rhetoric and calculated divisivness which cannot help but produce intractable govt dependence, soul sucking wealth distribution, i.e. robbery, and endless, childish carping about “the rich” until we are all poor?  All, that is, except for Queen Nancy, Prince Harry, Lord and Lady Clinton of Avarice, Court Jester Al “I invented the internet” Gore, the Duke of Ethics John Edwards and the Royal Conscience of the Democratic Party, the Right Rev. Mr. “Love Child” Jesse Jackson. 

Now hear this Mrs. Pelosi.  I respect and support the Office of the Speaker of the House.  But you are not my ruler.  I hired you and I pay your way.  You will take one trip a month from DC to SFO and like it.  If not, we’ll see you gone at the next election cyle. 

Thanks for your time and please don’t send the IRS after me to audit my books.  However, if you are interested in my taxes, I’d gladly accept some “free” govt help in deciphering the Byzantine tax code your royal pains, I mean pals, Charlie, Barney and Chris, have enacted…