Remember NotSpecter.org

OK all you wise guys at redstate, I’m doin’ the crowin’ now.  Remember when you called me a reactionary for opposing Specter back in the day?  Remember when we suggested putting our faith (and money) behind his Repub opponent in the primaries?  Oh no, the big wheels at redstate counseled, he’s really on our side.  We really need him in the crunch.

Well gentlemen, crunch time has come and gone.  Friday, the trillion dollar turkey passed the Senate with the help of guess who?  That’s right.  Your boy.  Mr. RINO himself — one A. Specter. 

Look, just because you can appear on Hannity & Combs doesn’t mean you have a better ear for politics than anyone ealse.  Yes, I respect you for starting this website and keeping the focus on conservative issues.  But geez louise, try listening to the homefolks once in a while.  Not being inside the beltway might just give us a unique perspective to sniff out phonies like A. Specter. 

Now listen.  He needs to go before he gets us in real trouble.  Oh, wait, the Democrats’ trillion dollar vote buying bill IS real trouble — too late.  Come down out of your ivory blogging towers and listen to some real people once in a while, whydoncha?