Bob Barr wins Texas by default!!

Bob Barr has filed suit in Texas to get Obama and McCain removed from the ballot.Link to DMN article…

Aside from the very interesting legal issues, what has me concerned is the impact that this will have to those that vote absentee. Texas has a large military representation. There have been enough issues in the past with military and other absentee voters being disenfranchised, this could bring that problem to Texas.

I worry less about the presidential election as I feel sure that Palin (er..McCain) has Texas locked up. But what about the down ticket impacts. There appear to be several close House races.

As for the other ramifications of this, if Barr wins the Texas electoral votes by default, that play havoc for for the Electoral College. This would most likely lead to a vote in the House for President and that outcome does not look pretty for McCain.

I don’t know enough about the laws to know if this is valid, but I do know that I have lost all respect for Bob Barr. I now think he is an idiot.

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