Is Dem. Arrogance Causing Pelosi Trouble on Healthcare?

The Hill newspaper is reporting that Speaker Pelosi is finding that the tough slog that the healthcare debate is having in the House of Representatives is the “price” she is paying for the arrogant rushing of the Cap and Trade bill that the Democratic leadership earlier forced through the House. The way that bill was rammed down the throats of Democrat moderates rankled them and they are getting payback by slowing progress, even opposing parts, of the healthcare bill.

Pelosi rushed the climate bill through without giving her own members time to read the bill and come to understand it. The result was a vote that has gotten moderates beaten up pretty well by constituents that were never given an opportunity to voice their opinions before their representatives voted.

Since the climate bill, moderates are “once bitten” on rushing to vote on an issue before they’ve had a chance to digest the thing and bring it back home to get a feel from their voters as to which way they should go. With that experience, they don’t want to rush into healthcare in the same way they did the climate bill that has caused so many of them so much heartburn.

What this all means, folks, is that even Democrats are starting to feel the heat over the gigantic price tag of this healthcare boondoggle as well as the other horrible aspects of this bill. So even if you have Democrat representatives you have the opportunity to voice your opposition to this nationalization of nearly 29% of our economy.

Call your representative and tell them you don’t want government rationing, government mandates, doctors eliminated from decision making, and crushing taxes raised to pay for this foolishness. There is still time to knock this deal down.

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