Pelosi Says Surtax Could go for Deficit Reduction, too?

I’m sorry, I’m not much for name calling but this woman is an idiot. She is claiming that the oppressive surtax can “also” go to retire the Obama $1 trillion deficit if there is any “left over” after Obamacare is “paid for”!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that Democrats could use a proposed new tax on the wealthy to pay down the deficit, if there’s money left over after funding healthcare reform.

But, the CBO is claiming that Obamacare will cost in excess of $1 trillion and the surtax is “only” going to raise $544 billion. How, exactly, is there supposed to be anything “left over” after Obamacare is “paid for.”

I know, I just used a lot of quote marks, but they are deservedly derisory.

The surtax will not “pay for” Obamacare because the projected costs (projections that are surely too low) are higher than what the surtax is projected to bring in. There just won’t be anything “left over.” Nor can Obamacare BE paid for. It will continue to grow wildly once passed and will never be paid for by any measure. Healthcare will become just another unfunded mandate like it has become in Massachusetts. Lastly, my quotes around “only” above is to scoff at what Washington thinks is such a tiny amount. Why, it’s only $544 billion, don’t you know? A few billion here, a few billion there… pretty soon we’re talking about real money (pardon my Dirksenism).

But here is this silly excuse for a Speaker dreaming about all the wonderful things that she can do with the surtax receipts. She reminds me of what happens when you give a 10-year-old a $20 bill. If you ask them what they’re going to do with the $20, they invariably say they are going to get all the candy they want, a passel full of new toys and a pony. They simply haven’t the mental capacity to understand how far a mere $20 will go.

This is a perfect way to describe this Pelosi claim. She’s intellectually incapable of understanding the amount of money we are talking about here. In her mind the surtax will pay for healthcare, pay down a trillion dollar deficit… and there will probably be enough left over to get her some candy and a pony.

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