Obamacare Bill FILLED With Gov’t Pork Projects

It’s an emergency, they tell us. We NEED it NOW, the Democrats insist. No time to mess around, it’s time to get serious Obama told us. If we don’t get Obamacare quick the world will topple around us we are assured. So what is the Senate doing instead of taking the time to consider these important issues? Instead of worrying about healthcare, the Senate is spending its time larding the bill billions of dollars in pork projects.

As the Boston Globe reports, added to the bill is “billions of dollars for walking paths, streetlights, jungle gyms, and even farmers’ markets.” This spending is supposedly to improve the country’s “health infrastructure” – a laughable rhetorical device if there ever was one.

This is, we all know, nothing but par for the course in pork spending by the Congress that Obama claimed would be above such nonsense once he came to rule. Either he lied again, or Congress isn’t paying any attention to the president’s claims.

Oh, but Democrats have an explanation don’t you know? Catch this weak response from Kennedy spokesman Anthony Coley to the question of if this is just pork spending or not:

“If improving the lighting in a playground or clearing a walking path or a bike path or restoring a park are determined as needed by a community to create more opportunities for physical activity, we should not prohibit this from happening.’’

Yeah, and if a Senator wants to add, say, $30 million so that some university can play with a mouse or two, like Speaker of the House Pelosi did with the so-called stimulus bill, why we shouldn’t say a word, I guess?

Just one more example of the fact that the vaunted era of Obama is no different than the tax and spend Democrats of any other time in the modern era.

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