Obama Wants to Fine YOU for Not Bowing to HIS Wishes

So, one of the aspects of Obamacare that is not being talked about too much is the fines Obama will inflict on average, middle class Americans that don’t want to join his nationalized healthcare service.

At this point, Obama favors a $1,000 fine to those of you that don’t want any part of a nationalized system under his control. That’s $1,000 of your hard earned money swiped away from you for not knuckling under to his dictats.

For an interesting exercise, I thought I’d check around the web to see what fines around the country would be for other things, things that are far more egregious of a violation of the law. Things like illegal drug possession, assault, or drunken driving.

I came up with some examples:

  • Under California law, fine for having over 28.5 grams of marijuana on school grounds when school is open is $500
  • First offense for drunk driving in Ohio, $200, second offense $300
  • Fine for a first offense for possession of under an ounce of marijuana in New York State is $100
  • Cruelty to animals in Pennsylvania will bring a $50 to $75 fine
  • The fine for carrying an illegally concealed weapon in Arkansas is $50
  • The fine for assault and battery can be as low as $250 in Michigan

Well, the list of fines lower than $1,000 for breaking laws that could easily kill people is long, indeed. Yet, here we have that all caring god-man, Obama, wanting to fine you more money for not wanting his “insurance” plan than for beating someone up in Michigan or for driving drunk in Ohio!

At this point, it seems more like an extortion plan being promulgated by Obama and his cohorts. One wonders if Obama will be sending Tony Soprano to come collecting if you decide that his plan isn’t for you?

And youse better pay if ya know what’s good for youse.

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