A Conservative High School in Idaho?

Idaho is about to get its first conservative high school, Nampa Classical Academy, to be opened next semester in Nampa, Idaho. Founder Isaac Moffett has organized the school as a public charter school.

It’s about time that a school based on American exceptionalism again grace the land and Moffett aims to fulfill that very goal.

Nampa Classical will teach Latin and Western classics, including the Bible. The school will not teach “certain sex ed,” will eschew anti-American rhetoric and troop bashing and will impart the “good of America, the good of Western civilization,” Moffett said.

Moffett has modeled his curriculum on that of Hillsdale Academy, a private Christian prep school in Michigan which is part of Hillsdale College.

Moffett told the reporters at Boise Weekly of a good book that might enlighten parents as to his goals.

Moffett recommends that teachers and parents read the book Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America published by Capital Research Center, a conservative think tank.

Moffett cautions, though, that his school is not an associate of any Christian charter school organization and that his campus is not a Christian ministry school, but a “hybrid of the moral and democratic schools of classical education.”

This school will be one to watch. If it is a success, and let’s hope it is, it could serve as a model for others. This country sorely needs to inaugurate schools that celebrate out nation instead of ones that tear it down. If we are to get back to our roots, this would be the first step toward that goal.

So, I wish good luck to Mr. Moffatt and his new school.

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