SEIU's Way or the Highway

I have a few questions for all you non-union employees out there (which is 80% of America). Can you lobby your employer for a raise any time you feel like it even when your company is nearly bankrupted? And, do you have employees that can get off work to do so when ever they want to? And do you have bosses that are also one of you and who can just bow to your every demand?

Sounds like a wonderful situation, doesn’t it? I mean, who wouldn’t want a situation where you can get whatever you want as an employee (including never getting fired) no matter if your company is bankrupt or not?

Well, that is the deal that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has with its employers. You see, they have folks that are so close with the employer that whenever they decide they want more benefits or a raise, they go demand it and it happens. It truly is the dream job.

The problem is, though, that WE are the employers. And WE are the ones paying the tab for that dream job because the SEIU represents government workers. And our politicians are the ones that give the SEIU anything it wants.

And WE pay the bills with our taxes. Taxes that are going up, up, up. And services that are going down, down, down, even as we pay more and more every year.

Yep, it’s a dream job, alright. The SEIU is living the dream. Unfortunately, their free ride is the tax payer’s burden.

Here is a nice little video of one of the SEIU’s carnival days that thousands of state workers were given the day off the attend.

Yeah. Must be nice. My favorite scene is the food tent. Yeah. It SURE looked like those folks were starving to death, eh?

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