Are you a 'Healthcare Worker' By Taking Care of Your Own Son?

I suppose, strictly speaking, if you are a mother that takes care of a developmentally disabled son, well, I guess you might be considered a “healthcare worker” of a kind. Also, I could easily see the state being such a buttinski that it forces such a mother to get “training” to take care of her own son in order to receive state aid. That seems just the sort of twisted logic that might be employed by the nanny state(s) under which we suffer. It might even behoove a mother of a developmentally disabled child to get some training of some type, too, if she so chose, even if the state didn’t require it.

So, that being said I present to you mother Lisa Brown of Fresno, California who is seen in a new Republican ad threatening a meeting of lawmakers. She is in attendance speaking as a member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the public employees union that might see some budget cuts befall it due to California’s bankrupt treasury.

It turns out that mother Brown is paid by the state and is a member of the public employee union because she is a “home health care worker… who works for the state by caring for her son who has Down syndrome.”

OK, I have to ask. When did it become a paying job to take care of your own son? And when did taking care of your own children become the burden of everyone else? Yes, the mitigating situation is the medical problem, I understand. I am not saying no aid is the ticket, here. But, being paid by the state as if taking care of your own child is a payable job and having union dues on top of that as well?

This whole thing seems more like waste and fraud than a legitimate expense. Likely this situation is a result of a sweet union deal set up with the collusion of pliant lawmakers in order to gain more dues cash paid directly by the state through the sham of Mother Brown’s “job.” This is a perfect example of why California is in such a mess in the first place.

I mean, come on. Families across time have taken care of their own medically complicated family members with out the nanny state creating fake “jobs” for them.

Naturally, the union and Mother Brown are in high dudgeon because the GOP had the gall to use her threatening demeanor in an ad. It doesn’t look like the California GOP is backing down… at least not yet, anyway.

But California Republican Party spokesman Kevin Roberts said the ad succinctly portrayed SEIU political threats against elected officials and will continue to run.

“I’d say the clip speaks for itself. It’s an open threat in a public hearing that many Californians are appalled to see,” he said.

Good for them. Hold your ground, boys. This ad perfectly reveals the mess that California is in thanks to union corruption and overreach and Democrat complicity.

(countdown until some wild-eyed, leftist slobbers out a claim that I am attacking the developmentally disabled… 3, 2, 1…)