Unions Put Selves Ahead of 'Saving Planet'

Now wait a minute. Aren’t unions on the side of good and light? I men, they sure pal around with leftists enough to make the claim, right? And the left certainly claims that unions are part-and-parcel to their whole package of policies for what is best for America, for sure. So, one would have to assume that unions are on the side of the fringe enviro movement pushing all these green initiatives, right?

Not so fast. It seems the only real green anything that unions are interested in have pictures of presidents on them; cash!

Check out this little story in The New York Times, for instance. It seems that unions are all for solar power projects… unless they are being built at lower costs to government and being built by non-union labor.

When a company called Ausra filed plans for a big solar power plant in California, it was deluged with demands from a union group that it study the effect on creatures like the short-nosed kangaroo rat and the ferruginous hawk.

By contrast, when a competitor, BrightSource Energy, filed plans for an even bigger solar plant that would affect the imperiled desert tortoise, the same union group, California Unions for Reliable Energy, raised no complaint. Instead, it urged regulators to approve the project as quickly as possible.

One big difference between the projects? Ausra had rejected demands that it use only union workers to build its solar farm, while BrightSource pledged to hire labor-friendly contractors.

Global warming, global schmorming. Don’t bother the thugs in the unions about any saving the planet unless they get a cut.

Youse guys wanna save da planet? Sure. No problem, eh? Juss give us our cut and we won’t stand in your way. Youse guys can just call it an “insurance policy,” OK?

What’s dat? You sayin we wanna kill da planent? Ah, it’s juss business, boobie. Ya know?