Proud to be a Conservative? Well, Show It!

The Cypress Times of Cypress, Texas has started a little effort to help conservatives show that they are proud to be American and proud to be conservatives. Times Publisher John G. Winder decided it’s time to show the world that “I Am Conservative America” by having conservatives of all stripes from all across the country send in their photo holding a little sign that proclaims their self pride.

I know, I know. if you are a conservative and are reading this posting, I’ll bet your first thought is to roll your eyes. I do know how you feel because I did the same thing. After all, isn’t it the “feels-good idiots” on the left that indulge in these sorts of empty gestures? These are the sorts of fluffy, pointless things that leftist goofballs do, right? We are serious, ya know? I mean, posting our photos on some webpage ain’t a’gonna change anything, we all know.

But, wait. Stop and give this a little more thought. Remember the self-loathing, anti-American citizens of this country that created a webpage that pleaded with the Euroweenies that they love so much asking their forgiveness for voting for George W. Bush… twice? Remember the “I’m Sorry” website? And now there are some half-wits posting photos of themselves holding signs to show how giddy they are that they support a woman’s “right” to infanticide. These sorts of efforts, as ridiculous and substance free as they seem, get all over the news. Why, the whole world talked about the self-flagellating “I’m Sorry” website. These sites promulgate the loony-left far and wide.

And since we’ve never tried to mount much of an effort to reply, we almost seem timid in our own stance as conservatives. Well, the tea party movement changed that perception. It showed the world that we aren’t ashamed, or maybe just too busy to bother to show it. If only to keep our own momentum barreling ahead, let’s do this.

And, what the heck. Think of this as catharsis. It’s a finger in the eye of the hate mongers on the left.

So, don’t be bashful and have some fun. Be clean, make your little sign that says “I Am Conservative America,” take your photo, email it to [email protected], and let’s show the world we aren’t afraid to be seen as conservatives. I just sent in mine.

You KNOW what I have to say now, dontcha? “Lighten up, Francis” and do it

I know it’s cheesey. But so what. Let your ConFlag flay, baby!