When We Voted for Unions to Run State Gov't...

It’s a good thing that California’s public employee union is taking it’s rightful place at the head of our government by proposing new taxes for us to pay. Why when we voted to give a union power to control government, I… oh, wait. No one ever voted to put a union in charge of government fiscal policy or give them the role of creating new taxes to burden us all with. How, could I have forgotten that these union thugs are not elected officials?

How could I forget it? Why it’s easy to forget this small fact because our Democratic lawmakers act as a rubber stamp for the unelected, unconstitutionally empowered unions, that’s why.

So, what am I talking about this time? Well, apparently, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) decided that it had a duty to propose new taxes on oil, liquor and tobacco to “help” with California’s budget shortfall, that’s what. And the SEIU is going to waste one million dollars of its members money in the effort, too.

Imagine the arrogance of this union thinking it has a duty to create new taxes for us? Appointing themselves to the role of elected officials imagining that they have a role in suggesting fiscal policy and spending millions to do it, to boot!

And what is this for? Is this being proposed out of the kindness of their hearts? Are they concerned over government waste and over spending? Do they want to help bring government into line with fiscal responsibility?


They just want to save some state jobs that might otherwise have to be cut because they are wasteful, unnecessary jobs in the first place. Soak the rich, force business to float high paid, state workers that don’t do much anyway. Yeah, THAT’S the ticket to fiscal responsibility, alright!

Union largess is one of the main reasons that governments all across the country have become top heavy, money wasting, behemoths that have lost all track of budgetary restraint and long ago left any sense of responsibility to the voters in the dust.

It’s one thing for a union to sign onto a legislator’s efforts. It’s even acceptable for a legislator to get a union’s input on a bill at some point. But for unions to act as the implementor of legislative efforts? That is a step over the line that bespeaks of arrogance in the extreme.

And for no lawmakers to denounce this union’s presumption speaks loads about the subservience of lawmakers to said union. There was a time when lawmakers jealously guarded their privilige. Now they just sit around and wait the big, fat check from the unions to come in so that they can rubber stamp what the union tells them to do. It’s a disgusting incident all the way around.