Traditional Marriage Rallies Ignored by Media

On June 9 a rally that saw thousands of participants in support of traditional marriage assembled at Albany, New York, the state capitol. One month earlier, a similar rally was held in Midtown Manhattan that also saw thousands in attendance. And in neither case was there much by the way of media coverage.

A Google search of the words marriage rally in New York June 9 turns up many hits on the story. But almost all of them are from blogs as opposed to traditional media sources, though the Village Voice covered the May rally in Manhattan.

A blog named Beetle Blogger has a nice series of photos showing the big crowd that the June 9 event brought out.

Here is one of them:

The events were sponsored by New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, which itself has found round criticism in lefty blogs. But, isn’t this just the point? The rallies that saw thousands attend, and the discussion of all the issues, pro and con, that are connected with the rallies are being hashed out in blogs, but not in the Old Media. With all this discussion going on, wouldn’t it seem that the media might give it a line or two?

So, why has the media practically ignored the size of these rallies and all the discussion over those attending, those in support, and those opposed? It is an interesting question, no?