Dem Pols Make Out Like Bandits With EFCA

The Hill has news of a new report that will show that Democratic Politicians will make out like fatcats if they are successful in passing the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) this Congressional session.

It is being estimated that unions would gain an additional $320 million to spend on political campaigns and much of this money would go right in the campaign accounts of Democratic politicians in D.C. and elsewhere.

“EFCA’s passage into law could generate billions of additional dollars for unions to spend on political activity to advance their agenda,” a WFI memo says. “And for those union leaders whose pension funds have been mismanaged, EFCA’s passage would also amount to a massive government-engineered bailout of their financial mismanagement.”

The report cites a claim made by Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern who estimates that the EFCA could enlarge union membership by as many as 1.5 million members.

Whatever the effect the EFCA will have on union membership, if unions are more easily able to organize it is certain that union membership will grow exponentially. The consequent increase in dues paid by these members would certainly make unions more powerful in political circles. So, it is no wonder that Democrats are excited about this bill. It will very naturally put more money into the pockets of their friends who will most certainly be grateful to the politicians that passed a bill favorable to them.