Vice Prez Gaffe-o-matic: Biden Praises Jersey Auto Tunnel Project... Wonders Why Rail Tracks Are In The Way

Vice President gaff-o-matic strikes again. Construction finally began on the nation’s largest transportation project in North Bergen, New Jersey this week. After much debate and planning an $8.7 billion tunnel that is supposed to double the number of train commuters that can travel between New Jersey and Manhattan broke ground at last.

Vice President Joe Biden was so excited about the tunnel that he mentioned the project on a Monday conference call with various newspapers and interested parties in New Jersey. He was proud that the Obama administration had sent stimulus money to this new tunnel “designed to provide for automobile traffic” for New Jersey.

Uh, oops. It’s a railway tunnel, not a car tunnel, Joey.

NorthJersey.com has an amusing addendum to its story:

Biden’s office did not immediately respond to a request to clarify his comments.

Yeah. No doubt it’s because his office has no clue what he is talking about either.

President Obama’s office did not respond to questions of just when the administration is going to start requiring the vice president to wear one of those court jester hats in public, either.