High Schoolers Taught 'There's a Whole World Full of Different Genders'

Apparently most of us were ill served by our high school education. But, don’t worry, our children will have that fixed for them. You see, we oldsters were thoroughly misinformed into thinking that there was only two genders in the human animal: male and female. But now, through the wonders of the modern, radical re-education racket, comes the new-new way of seeing “a whole world out there full of different genders.”

Confused? Well, that’s because the radical gender lobby hasn’t gotten hold of your schooling like it has in Vermont where high schoolers are exposed to the fantasy science of “gender studies.” That’s right, now our kids will be taught that there’s far, far more to gender than male and female. And guess what? Your tax dollars are paying for this tripe. It’s “Gendertopia,” folks and it’s funded by an extreme homosexual advocacy group called Outright Vermont in conjunction with Vermont’s Burlington School District.

This is a nine-week, after-school program, held at Vermont’s Queer Youth Center, exposing kids to what its creators said was a way to help kids “explore gender.” The warped propaganda seemed to have had the desired effect if this quote from a student is any indication:

“Most people come into it thinking, ‘Oh, there’s two genders and two sexualities’ … ,” said David Kingsbury, a 16-year-old junior at Burlington High School who signed up for the program. “People assume it’s boy and girl, but it’s so much more than that. There’s a whole world out there full of different genders.”

Sadly this queer group is claimed to have “moved into the main stream of youth social service organizations” as far as the Associated Press is concerned, because the program did not seem to face much community protest. Likely no one knew much about it as schools are becoming famous for not telling parents what they are doing to their kids these days.

And what was this whole thing sold as achieving? Why making sure that kids have “self esteem,” what else?

The program was designed to help young people identify the subtle signals used to express gender and how not being aware of those signals can lower self esteem and possibly lead to an increase in at-risk activities like substance abuse or dropping out of school, Neff said.

Cuz, gosh, we all know that American kids have a singular lack of self esteem, and all.

Once again we see the radical gay lobby targeting our kids for re-education and using a compliant educational establishment to spread their propaganda.

If you want to see how ill served students can be, catch this blinkered, feels-good “reasoning” employed by another one of the brainwashed kids from Vermont:

“I’m straight, but I don’t like using that word because then it feels like if you’re gay then you’re crooked, you’re not meant to grow up in a certain way,” Sophia Manzi, 15, a Burlington high school freshman, said during this year’s final “Gendertopia” meeting. “I come because it’s a really good program. The people, it doesn’t matter what sexual orientation you are, they totally come in with open arms.”

This radical gay propaganda should be summarily removed from our schools. And listen, I no more want a “Hustler magazine” class implemented for high schoolers, either. There is NO place in high school to teach aberrant sexual practices no matter who those practices involve. A man or a woman, two men, two women or what have you. None of it has anything to do with the education necessary to our kid’s future.

The reality is that this program is just one more example of the downfall of an American education. Gone are the days when education meant reading, math, science and history. Now it is queer studies, gender re-engineering, and self esteem building. It’s no wonder that so many universities and colleges are finding that kids just graduated from high school are completely unable to understand college level material. They’ve spent their last 12 or so years being taught to “feel” good as opposed to learning anything.

For shame, Vermont, for so abusing your kid’s education and for wasting your taxpayer’s money on this nonsense.

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