Obama: Nuclear Power OK For Enemies but Not For US?

Nuclear power is the most environmentally friendly power of all, low on emissions, does not require destructive mining or drilling efforts to feed it, and is also one that creates a lot of jobs both in initial construction as well as to sustain its ongoing operation. Nuclear power is also a mainstay power source for such countries as France. It’s clean, safe, and extremely desirable. Its only drawback is what to do with its waste.

But to the U.S. enviro-racket, nuclear power is a bugabear that needs to be deep sixed forever and Barack Obama is a chief bugger of that bugabear. Unless, that is, you happen to be an enemy of the USA. If you are, say, Iran, why, nuclear power is a vital national interest that he is willing to stand behind in principle.

Outrageously the “president of the world” is willing to agree with Iran, one of our biggest international enemies, a nation that has sent its soldiers and trainers into combat against our own troops, a nation that exports acts of terror across the globe, a nation that claims it needs nuclear power for domestic energy… and Barack Obama is on their side.

In Prague last month, Obama said that he saw no reason why his administration wouldn’t “support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy with rigorous inspections.” And today in London, Obama reiterated that support by agreeing that Iran’s announced intentions for nuclear power were “legitimate aspirations.”

Not only that, but just last month Obama approved a nuclear power deal with the United Arab Emirates, as well. So, it’s nuclear power for everyone but the U.S.

So what about nuclear power for the US? Here we are dependent upon foreign oil on one hand, or still using what Obama claims is “dirty” coal power on the other, yet Obama still refuses to allow his own countrymen build new nuclear power plants.

Oh, sure, he made noises about cautiously supporting nuclear power for the U.S. during the late presidential campaign, but his nuclear power denying actions since have spoken louder. Even during the campaign pro-Obama Newsweek concluded that Obama was anti-nuclear power for his own people. And since his election, it has become clear that he will not move forward on construction of any new American nuclear power plants.

One of the biggest obstacles to American nuclear power plants concerns what to do with the waste. Of course, it appears that Obama has turned his back on the Yucca Mountain project, the one project that could have served as the nation’s nuclear waste dumping site. Without the Yucca Mountain dumpsite approved, expecting to build new nuclear plants is difficult at best. So, in essence, Obama has shut down any possibility of building new plants forcing the U.S. to remain a slave to foreign oil and “dirty” coal, two things he also claims he’s against.

So, as far as Obama is concerned, it’s yea for they but not U.S. for clean, cheap, and efficacious nuclear power and at the same time it also an Obama nod of the head for some of our biggest enemy’s nuclear aspirations. They get the cheap, clean, and safe power and we are left without. Now THAT is sacrifice, folks!

Some American president we have here.