Police Union Wants Anti-Union Employees Fired from Paper

Not long ago the San Diego Union-Tribune got bought up by a private Beverly Hills firm named Platinum Equity. Platinum was heavily invested in by the Los Angeles police pension fund. And so, because the police are large stake owners of the news paper, the police union has called for the firing of certain employees it considers anti-union.

So much for freedom of the press as far as this union is concerned!

League President Paul M. Weber believes that he has the right and the power due to that financial stake to demand the firing of writers of the Union-Tribune that have been outspoken advocates of cut backs in salaries and benefits for California’s public employees and politicians.

Yes, this union thug is demanding the head of anyone that has the audacity to suggest that unions should sacrifice as everyone else is expected to do in this harsh economic climate.

“Since the very public employees they continually criticize are now their owners, we strongly believe that those who currently run the editorial pages should be replaced,” Weber wrote in a March 26 letter to Platinum CEO Tom Gores.

This is more evidence of the essentially anti-American philosophy underpinning the concept of unionism. If you don’t like freedom of the press, you are essentially saying that American principles are not good ones and that tyranny is the way to go.

For the paper, editor Bob Kittle scoffed at the union leader’s arrogance.

“We are not anti-public safety or public employee,” he said. “All of this has to be considered within the context of what the city can afford. A bankrupt city can’t provide any public safety very well.”

This is also proof once again that unions are antithetical to good government and should be eliminated.