Is Obama Stiffing British Allies Again?

So, let’s see. There was that whole World War Two thingie. There was Germany, Japan and Italy on one side. So, who was on the other? I think it was The United States, Russia, and some other unimportant countries… right? One might be excused to assume this is the thought process of the Obama administration as it planned the upcoming D-Day events for the president’s European tour that is in the offing because as currently announced, Team Obama left the Queen out of its D-Day memorial plans. And boy is the she torked, not that anyone can blame her.

This is the Fourth slight made against England by the Obama administration and it is beginning to look less and less like an accident and more like a purposeful policy of snubbing the Brits. I mean, imagine. Planning a D-Day commemoration that excludes the Queen! And she is the only world leader that actually served during the war, on top of it.

Reports on exactly who is at fault here are sketchy. Some blame French President Sarkozy for not extending an invite to the Queen and some blame British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for not insisting that the Queen get an invite, but it is hard to understand how team Obama could be as hands off with this as it has been after the three other diplomatic rows that it has had with the Brits already. One would think that Obama’s White House would be extra alert for further snubs to the Brits and would seek to mitigate them. Apparently this is not the case, however.

Obama plans to tour several D-Day landing zones with President Sarkozy on June 6 during his visit to France. British PM Brown will hold ceremonies at the town of Arromanches to commemorate the British forces that landed near there.

This isn’t the only time Obama has been involved in a diplomatic misstep with England. Almost as soon as he took office, Obama unceremoniously returned the bust of Churchill that had adorned the Oval Office since the British loaned the piece to the White House after 9/11. Then, on a recent visit to the U.S., Obama abruptly and without much notice begged out of meeting PM Brown for a joint press address at the airport as had been originally planned. And after that snub, Obama staffers told the British diplomatic corps that they weren’t any more special than any other country and should not expect any consideration from this White House.

It is certainly beginning to seem as if the Obama White House is letting the British know that it doesn’t consider England too overly important an ally, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s all recall how Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, shall we? It’s quite a stark difference, of course.